Cumulus Retail Recognized as a ‘5 Star Point of Sale’

CPA Practice Advisor Reviews the Top Retail POS Systems on the Market

Staten Island, NY (September 12, 2018) – Cumulus Retail, a leading SaaS point-of-sale and eCommerce software, was recognized with a 5 Star POS Rating by the CPA Practice Advisor, in their 2018 Reviews of Point-of-Sale.  The POS Review stated that “Cumulus Retail by CAM Commerce is a cloud-based point of sale application that is ideally suited for small to mid-sized niche retail businesses including apparel, footwear, gift and specialty stores, museum shops, and other vertical retail markets.”

“Cumulus Retail offers excellent customer management capability, with CRM functionality included in the product… Cumulus offers excellent inventory management, with users able to manage inventory levels for all locations, including online stores… Cumulus offers excellent reporting, with a series of pre-defined reports available for quick access, or users can choose to utilize the Report Designer feature to design custom reports,” the CPA Advisor POS review goes on to describe.

Cumulus also offers an optional eCommerce package, iCumulus, which can be added on so that a retailer’s store and web can operate as one.  With two options available, the iCumulus web platform is priced affordably and with little to no initial investment, making it accessible for the smaller merchant.

“A great point of sale solution for small to mid-sized retail businesses, Cumulus Retail is available in three editions,” stated Mary Girsh-Bock, contributing writer for CPA Advisor.  CAM Commerce offers 3 versions of the Cumulus POS software, at different price points, with an optional enterprise system upgrade, to support its retail client’s long term.

“It is an honor that our Cumulus Retail platform has been recognized two years in a row by the CPA Advisor,” stated Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce a subsidiary of Celerant Technology.  “CAM Commerce has supported the small to mid-sized retailers for decades with our RetailSTAR platform, which we are honored has also been honored with a ‘5 Star POS Review’.  s our newest Cloud-based, SaaS retail software, we are able to bring our 35 years of retail experience with the latest retail technology and innovation in Cumulus Retail.”

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