How Team Sports Retailer Enhances Business with Omnichannel Retail Solution

Schuylkill Valley Sports (SV Sports) Leverages Celerant to Manage POS Sales Across 19 Store Locations and Online

For more than 40 years, Schuylkill Valley Sports has been the place to buy sporting equipment and embroidery for teams and individuals in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. Expanding their business online through an E-Commerce website ( and Amazon, it became necessary to integrate all retail channels in a single platform. In this case study, you’ll learn how SV Sports manages inventory and serves their customers through Celerant’s retail management solution.

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“The amount of time we saved using Celerant’s Best Store Fulfillment module is immeasurable. Prior to Celerant, we had to manually process each incoming order, deciding which store to fulfill from, and notifying that store via email – it took hours daily. With today’s high volume, there’s just no way we could handle it without automation.”

– Nick Rhoads, IT Manager, Schuykill Sports 

The Unique Needs of a Team Sports Retailer

Managing inventory is difficult for any retailer, but imagine not knowing whether your next customer is going to need a single item or potentially thousands of items. It makes a big difference, right? That’s what SV Sports faces everyday as it sells sporting equipment to individuals and teams. That means the store might sell a single baseball to one customer, and over a hundred to the next customer.

Expanding Business Through E-Commerce

Managing inventory across 19 stores, an E-Commerce website and Amazon can get complex rather quickly. Some of the challenges they faced include maintaining accurate stock levels, fulfilling orders and ensuring inventory is up-to-date online.  As a solution, Schuylkill Valley Sports implemented Celerant’s POS, which offers the ability to manage all of their retail channels in a single platform. Their Point of Sale and E-Commerce website now have real-time integration with the Inventory Management module, ensuring their inventory data is consistent throughout.

Benefits of an Omnichannel Retail Solution

With a fully-integrated solution, SV Sports is able to: Manage all of their inventory in one place; Manage E-Commerce sales for continued growth; Arm their sales staff with mobile POS; Integrate with third-party retail channels such as Amazon.

Through Celerant’s E-Commerce platform, SV Sports now offers enhanced search capabilities making it faster and easier for shoppers to find the right merchandise online. “Navigating and searching for products on our website is more intuitive. Not only are we able to offer a smart search that automatically corrects misspellings, the website shows search results graphically using thumbnail images, and offers suggestions for similar products.

Download Case Study: How SV Sports Utilizes Celerant’s POS

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