New SEO Consulting Services from Celerant

New search engine optimization consulting services from Celerant bridge gap between consumer behavior and social media to increase online visibility, boosting e-commerce conversions

Staten Island, NY (April 12, 2016) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of omnichannel retail management solutions, recently announced its new search engine optimization services that leverage expansive market intelligence with behavior analytics to develop customized plans that dramatically increase online awareness. Retailers using these SEO services can stay ahead of the curve and remain visible in the face of evolving search algorithms that incorporate a quickly accelerating array of attributes and qualifiers.

“In today’s environment, optimizing content to rank highly for select keywords merely scratches the surface of a complex SEO universe,” explains Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “It really doesn’t take very long for businesses to fall behind if they fail to stay current on technology trends. This is why we created a robust suite of SEO services that mesh social media, merchandise and content to nurture increased sales from the right consumers. By doing so, we offer a full service end-to-end e-commerce solution for our customers. This simply means after we complete an initial analysis and make site SEO recommendations, we go into the back-end of the website and make the actual changes on behalf of our client for a more effective, faster and cost efficient approach.”

Retailers that utilize these new services can expect to begin with a thorough website conversion audit conducted by the Celerant web team that reveals existing strengths and weaknesses. Customer data is then analyzed and cross-referenced with dynamic market intelligence to determine what other sites and information target demographics are consuming. Holistic understanding of this consumer behavior is then used to develop a protocol that attracts more visitors and motivates them to make purchases.

“Boosting social shares, lowering bounce rates and increasing conversions are SEO metrics that are just as important as page rankings on the leading search engines,” says Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services at Celerant Technology. “SEO done right can rival huge advertising spends and really level the playing field for retailers without massive marketing budgets — but it’s important to consistently remain current, and this new offering includes constant monitoring, tweaking and reporting on a bi-weekly basis.”

In addition to advising optimized content creation and placement, Celerant’s SEO services also identify new opportunities that retailers can build into long-term sales goals. Carefully crafted affiliate marketing and product feed strategies are two examples of measures that widen the sales funnel and populate it with more qualified consumers that are likely to share positive experiences and attract subsequent customers. Celerant SEO client services have been expertly developed by the company’s award winning web team to maximize the volume and quality of incoming traffic.

SEO client services from Celerant Technology are available now for our Celerant E-Commerce customers.


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