Case Studies

Below you can read about retailers that have had success with Celerant's POS software, along with their thoughts and experiences using our products.
Software Keeps Growing Retailer on the Forefront of POS and Online Trends SafeSide Tactical- Software Keeps Growing Retailer on the Forefront of POS and Online Trends

Read how SafeSide Tactical transitioned from POS to all-encompassing RMS which includes E-Commerce and distributor integrations. Software Keeps Growing Retailer On The Forefront Of POS And Online Trends

Accelerate Retail Growth With Automated Purchasing

Family-owned and operated SafeSide Tactical opened in 2012 in an 800-square-foot building. It now employs sixty-five people across two retail locations and a booming E-Commerce platform. But this growth, especially in the highly regulated firearms industry, presented difficulties. Their filing system was not able to log customer information in a way that met government regulation, so that information had to be entered separately on the back-end, opening the door to human error.

Learn how premiere Wilderness Outfitter Quadruples Conversion with Celerant SEO (1)

Boosting organic search results for your website is one of the most important things you can do as a retailer. See how Camping & Canoe Outfitter quadrupled conversion rates & doubled daily traffic with SEO. Read case study!

purchase order and inventory fulfillment automation

Learn how Grady’s Great Outdoors achieves automated just-in-time fulfillment and boosts bottom line with integrated retail solution. Read case study!

Tennis Plaza Implements Celerant Mobile POS Software To Increase Sales

Learn how Tennis Plaza, a tennis gear and apparel retailer utilizes Celerant's mobile POS system and inventory applications to increase sales. Read case study!

How Shoe Gallery Utilizes Celerant Retail Technology to Organize Inventory - Image

Learn how Shoe Gallery, a premier apparel and footwear retailer, utilizes Celerant's retail POS system and integrated eCommerce to manage inventory in-store and online. Read case study!

Team Sports Retailer Schuylkill Valley Sports-Enhances Omnichannel Capabilities

Learn how Schuylkill Valley Sports improved their business with Point of Sale from Celerant Technology. With an omnichannel retail solution, SV Sports can manage their old and new customers, as well as expand into E-Commerce. Read more!

Email Marketing automation case study

Read how clients like D&D Farm and Ranch and Merz Apothecary use email marketing automation to boost open rates and increase order conversions

Blog: Omega Sports Manages POS, E-Commerce, Inventory, Customer Loyalty & Email Marketing In One System

Learn how Omega Sports competes with big-box retailers by integrating POS, inventory management, E-Commerce & digital marketing all in one retail system.

Case Study Steins Garden and Home

Learn how Stein's Garden & Home revamped their POS to Stratus Retail to handle their massive sales volume.

Case Study Merz Apothecary

Learn how Merz Apothecary uses Celerant Command Retail to manage their entire omnichannel business, and made millions with our integration to Amazon.

Case Study Affordables Apparel

With Celerant, Affordable Apparel can enter a new SKU into the database, and the product information becomes available to every location in real-time.

Case Study Tennille

Tennille & Co uses Celerant’s integrated technology to increase profit and achieve cross-channel growth.

Case Study SVSports

Schuylkill Valley Sports enhances omni-channel capabilities with Celerant.

Case Study Tennis Plaza

Tennis Plaza uses Celerant’s flexible integrated solution to enable growth across all channels for their equipment and apparel brand.

Case Study Merz Apothecary

Merz Apothecary uses Celerant’s modern omni-channel retail system to power growth.

Case Study Shoe Gallery

Celerant’s customized, integrated E-Commerce platform propels Shoe Gallery’s growth into a national brand.

Case Study Gable Sporting Goods

Gable Sporting Goods integrates online team sales into their existing E-Commerce strategy to save money, increase traffic, and drive more sales.

Case Study Piragis Northwoods

Piragis Northwoods Company quadruples conversions with Celerant SEO.

Case Study David’s Western Store

Celerant powers 12 months of sales in 7 days for David’s Western Store in advance of a chain-wide rollout.

Case Study Gradys Great Outdoors

Grady’s Great Outdoors Achieve Just In Time Inventory Fulfillment With Stratus Retail’s Vendor Integrations.

Case Study Barneys Police Supply

Barneys Police Supply practices strict firearms control at the POS with Celerant’s integrated sales reporting.

Case Study Farmers Home Furniture

Farmers Home Furniture replaced its old system for Celerant to facilitate the intricacies of the industry to help gain control of sales.

Case Study Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange and Celerant customize POS to support buy/sell retail.

Case Study Sportsman and Ski Haus

Sportsman and Ski Haus (Crown Enterprises) cuts $1.4M in slow moving inventory with advanced reporting by Celerant Technology.

Case Study Evereve

Evereve women’s clothing boutique harnesses customer data to launch successful curated box service.

Case Study D&D Texas Outfitters

D&D Farm and Ranch Utilizes Reporting and Marketing Automation Tools to Engage with Customers.

Case Study Woodbury Outfitters Omnichannel Success

Woodbury Outfitters saw profit on every single item and turnover for specific SKUs, product lines, categories, and even entire stores; and uses our A&D integration to comply with the AFT for firearm sales - all through our POS retail software and integrated E-Commerce.