Explainer Videos

Celerant provides the most innovative retail software solution on the market. Check out our explainer videos that show several of these advanced features and how they help to improve your retail operations and increase your sales.

Learn about the common issues retailers face when integrating multiple systems (POS, E-Commerce, ERP, etc).

Learn how to better leverage your vendor’s products, and have them stock and fulfill orders for you.

Learn how to send personalized emails by segmenting customer lists based on live sales and CRM data.

See how Celerant optimizes online order fulfillment by automatically selecting the “best” store to ship from based on your priorities and preferences.

See how Celerant enables omnichannel retailers to deliver a great customer experience while optimizing back end operations.

See how Schuylkill Valley Sports uses OpenEdge Payment Processing integrated into Celerant’s POS software to offer customers the flexibility and security they need.

Check our Celerant’s premium retail management software for the firearms industry and gun ranges.