Supporting the Hunting, Archery & Outdoor Industry - Now and In The Future

Rest assured that we will continue to support your compliance needs and business growth, both in-store and online

Some regard the firearms industry as sensitive due to its past dealings, management and impact. But thanks to the advent of technology, firearms dealers can easily maintain compliance, while becoming a significant contributor to the economy. Celerant has supported this industry and will continue to do so, with compliance as the top initiative. Our goal is to enable hunting, archery & outdoor retailers to operate more efficiently, comply with the growing regulations, and expand their business through innovation and technology.

POS Software & Integrated E-Commerce for Firearm Retailers

Celerant has successfully taken advantage of technology to improve all business sectors, including hunting, fishing, camping, archery and firearms. Celerant’s retail solution has been a “game changer” for outdoor sporting goods retailers, shooting ranges and gun stores for over 15 years. FFL dealers across the United States have streamlined their compliance through our integrated electronic A&D book, e4473s, digital waivers and more. 

In addition, hunting, archery and outdoor retailers can import products listed on various vendor catalogs such as RSR, Sports South, USC and Zanders. Product descriptions/images can be easily pulled, and displayed on their own E-Commerce website, and drop shipping can be enabled directly with these distributors. Celerant’s E-Commerce sites also include FFL Locators so firearms can be sold online and shipped to a local FFL dealer, while staying compliant. Through the POS software, firearm dealers can push products to third-party marketplaces such as GunBroker,, SlickGuns- and even Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others.

Benefits of Our ATF-Compliant Retail Software for FFL Dealers

1. ATF-Compliance
Most important, for any firearm dealer, is compliance with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Integrated with the POS, firearm dealers can access their e4473 and electronic Acquisition & Disposition Book (A&D) from any browser.

2. Mobile or Tablet POS
With the convenience of mobile POS, dealers can enjoy the freedom of handling transactions from anywhere and at any time. You can work remotely, sell at gun shows, tent sales, your customer’s home or place of business, or even from the sales floor of your own store.

3. Inventory Management
With distributor integrations, dealers can easily import product catalogs and populate their database. They can also set minimum/maximum inventory levels, and replenish inventory with automated purchase orders based on those levels. Ultimately dealers can manage their inventory easier, and order what they need, exactly when they need it.

4. Electronic Firearms Commerce
Celerant’s E-Commerce sites offer FFL Locators, allowing local FFL dealers to complete the final steps of a firearm transition with your customer- making it easier, and more secure, to sell guns/accessories online. In addition, with Live Inventory Feeds, you can display and sell your distributor’s available stock online, while they drop ship the orders to your customers- allowing you to display many more products online and boost E-Commerce sales.

5. Range Reservations & Course Scheduling
Celerant’s integrated range software allows dealers to manage their entire shooting range, and sell products to those currently on the range. You can create courses, manage range lanes, offer online range reservations, and so much more.

6. Memberships
A great way for firearm and archery ranges to expand their business is to create shooting clubs and range memberships. Within Celerant’s retail software, dealers can create multiple membership levels and manage recurring billing, providing the opportunity to increase long-term revenue.

7. Market Platforms
Dealers who are looking to expand their online market can integrate with 3rd-party marketplaces. Through a tight integration, products can be easily posted on, or SlickGuns with just a few simple clicks. Orders from these marketplaces flow into the POS software, making it possible to review all orders from every channel you sell through in a single place. Firearm dealers can also integrate and sell hunting accessories and other products on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other online marketplaces.

8. Promotional Marketing
Proper marketing is the key to reaching your existing, new and potential customers. And if a dealer has quality products and services, then success is inevitable. Through Celerant’s retail software, outdoor retailers can personalize promotions and email campaigns, based on their customers’ individual preferences and past purchases. This can be automated by tapping into real-time sales/CRM (Customer Relationship Management) data.

Our Promise To You...

As a preferred retail software provider of the NSSF and the NRA for well over 10 years, Celerant has supported the hunting/outdoor industry and will continue to do so. We will help dealers follow the always-changing regulations and ensure compliance within the industry. Continuously, Celerant enhances their retail FFL software by adding new integrations, partnering with new firearm distributors and online marketplaces, and adding new features to benefit FFL dealers.

With two retail software platforms available- Stratus Retail for larger dealers and Cumulus Retail for smaller dealers- firearm, hunting, archery, fishing and camping retailers can rest easy knowing their software provider is not going anywhere and will continue to support their business and help them grow, for the long-term. Most recently, Celerant has developed integrations to FastBound for electronic bound book and 4473, stamped by FFLGuard, ensuring that dealers logbooks are ATF compliant and up-to-date with regulation changes. This is one of the many new partnerships Celerant has developed to help firearm dealers more effectively manage their retail businesses.

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