Furniture & Home Goods Retailers POS

Whether selling furniture or home goods, Celerant’s retail platform allows you to manage your entire retail operations efficiently. Celerant provides furniture retailers with the functionality needed to streamline their point of sale, special orders, inventory and more.

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Key Features for Furniture & Home Goods Retailers

Furniture & home goods retailers offer a large variety of custom styles, colors and finishes for each product. As a result, many stores do not stock large amounts of inventory. Retailers require a solution that can easily manage all styles, track inventory and fulfill orders. Celerant is a fully-integrated solution with the functionality needed to manage end-to-end furniture retail, including inventory, point of sale, E-Commerce, special orders, order fulfillment and more.

Inventory management ( furniture packages & sets )

Warehouse storage management

Best store fulfillment

Quotes, special orders, purchase orders

Cross selling & suggested items

Personalized, automated marketing based on consumer behavior

Shipping and receiving

Multi-channel retail analytics

Celerant Technology is an active member of the National Home Furnishing Association (NHFA), and has partnered with many multi-channel furniture retailers across the United States.