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Celerant Technology promotes business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology. With Celerant, Retail is Re-Defined.




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Gift Shop POS System

Celerant offers specialty gift retailers a plethora of customizable features to serve the needs of both, the business and the consumer. Features such as loyalty reward programs and gift registry management allow you to build long term relationships with customers to encourage repeat sales.

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Gift Shop Retailers

Gift shops demand specialized retail management software to match their specialized and unique product offerings. Celerant’s all-in-one platforms have been designed with adaptability in mind to best suit the needs of this very industry. From creating and selling gift baskets, to seasonal products and promotions, Celerant’s real-time software makes all of your day-to-day operations occur quickly and seamlessly.

“As we were expanding beyond just a store business, we needed something that could handle E-Commerce, phone orders, stores, and our Amazon partnership. We moved to Celerant to solve the multi-channel, or the omni-channel dilemma so to speak.”
- Anthony Qaiyum, Owner - Merz Apothecary

Key Features for Gift Shop Retailers

Sell kits such as gift baskets consisting of multiple items

Easy and quick order look-ups

Ship the same gift selection to multiple recipients

Fully-integrated and tracked gift cards and gift certificates

Print gift card messages and envelopes

Special mail and phone order entry capability

As a premier member of the Museum Store Association (MSA), Celerant has made inroads in the industry to partner with many specialty gift retailers. Celerant understands the many nuances that gift shops must manage, and is dedicated to providing specialized retail software to contribute to the long-term success of the specialty gift industry. Celerant is proud to have been selected as the #1 overall provider for retail software for specialty vendors as ranked by RIS Software Leaderboard.

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