CAM Commerce Celebrates 35 Years of Retail Technology & Service

As a mature POS and eCommerce provider, CAM continues to innovate after more than 3½ decades


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In the world of retail solutions, there’s no shortage of shiny new retail companies claiming to be newer, better, and faster; the market is packed with young companies vying for the same clients. Which makes it all the more impressive that CAM Commerce, a division of Celerant Technology, has not only kept up with the latest and greatest technology; they’ve been adapting, innovating, and serving their loyal clients for 35 years.

CAM’s story began humbly in 1983, developing, servicing, and installing point of sale software for their merchants. Since their inception three and a half decades ago, CAM Commerce has evolved from traditional POS and payment processing services to complete adoption of the digital age. From mobile eCommerce solutions to cloud storage to loyalty programs and integrated EMV payment processing, CAM has drawn from their ample retail solution experience to become one of the most trusted, and longest-standing, retail platform providers of the 21st century. Back in 2012, CAM merged with privately-held multi-channel solution provider Celerant Technology, allowing the company to offer new and innovative technologies to its long-term client base.

Effective, Reputable Products our Retail Clients Trust

CAM Commerce celebrates 35th anniversary with cake!

Here at CAM Commerce, we know that we couldn’t have reached 35 years without the loyalty of our retail clients, who have let us support their retail businesses for years on end. In fact, over half our clients have trusted us with their business solutions for over a decade; 15 percent of those loyal customers have been our valued clients for twenty years or more. It’s the kind of legacy that brand new technology companies can only dream of, and which is earned only through our long-standing commitment to quality, innovation, and integrity.

Over half our clients have trusted us with their business solutions for over a decade; 15 percent of those loyal customers have been our valued clients for twenty years or more.

Reliable Retail Software to Manage Data in One Convenient System

CAM Commerce understands the importance of providing retail clients with accurate, up-to-date data so they can make informed choices for their retail businesses. With unparalleled integration and exceptional ease of use, RetailSTAR point of sale quickly became the main retail solution for many of our clients, who value the scope of easily interpreted and accessible data provided by the software.

“RetailSTAR is by far the best POS system our staff has used… The backend is powerful, yet easy to use, and allows me to track inventory and ensure accurate stock levels.”

In the fast-paced retail climate we have today, having access to constantly updated, accurate data is invaluable.

Bringing Advanced Retail Technology to the Modern Business

Cumulus Retail OppFor retailers who need an all-encompassing approach that takes care of the many services they need in one place, with the flexibility of mobile tablets and Cloud-based technology, CAM introduced Cumulus Retail; its most flexible retail solution yet. This fully-integrated, web-based, SaaS retail software manages Point of Sale, eCommerce, customer loyalty programs, gift cards and registries, inventory, vendor management, employee services, distribution, inventory, work orders, CRM, and even more facets of retail businesses.

Servicing all hard and soft good retail industries, across both small and mid-sized retailers, the platform brings in $2.25 billion annual retail sales and $250 million online sales to our clients each year. Its eCommerce clients average 22% growth, year over year, in annual online sales.

“Since switching to Cumulus Retail, I have been able to run my small business much more effectively. I love being able to use iPads to ring sales and walk around my shop to service my customers on the floor. The customer support team is awesome and has been able to help me each time I have questions. I’m planning to addon a cumulus website too, but I wanted to get comfortable in the store first with the new software. Its been a great system so far and I would recommend it to any small clothing shop like mine. ”

While the statistics speak to the efficacy of Cumulus Retail for the eCommerce world, what’s arguably more important is how easy the system is for our clients. Small to mid-market retailers, representing various industries from apparel to outdoor goods to home décor, have praised Cumulus’ user-friendly interface which makes it easier than ever to update websites, view customized data reports, automate email marketing, and expand the online retail presence into third party marketplaces. From predicting and meeting clients’ needs to providing quick and knowledgeable tech support, Cumulus Retail is built with its end users in mind.

Celebrating 35 Years of Client Growth and Successes


New CAM Building

From our humble roots as POS providers to the full integrations and high-tech eCommerce solutions of the digital age, we couldn’t have made it to where we stand today without the support and loyalty of all our valued retail clients, from the newest Cumulus Retail users to the mature companies who have been with us since the start. Over the past 35 years, the personal connection we have between our clients and the CAM Commerce and Celerant team means that our customers’ successes have been our successes, which we celebrate along with them. They have provided us with suggestions and advice which have allowed us to reconfigure our products into the user-friendly, data-driven solutions we offer today.

“It is our sincerest pleasure to thank our clients for their recommendations on improving our services; for their testimonials and reviews, letting us know what we’re doing right and where we can better accommodate them; and of course for their loyal support, which has allowed us these 35 years of retail solutions, advances, and innovations.”
-Ian Goldman, CEO of CAM Commerce, a subsidiary of Celerant Technology

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating 35 years of retail solutions. Here’s to 35 more. We couldn’t have done it without you.

-CAM Commerce


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