Family-Owned Outdoor, Hunting Retailer Finds an Advanced, Scalable Partner in Celerant

How Celerant’s Distributor Integrations and E-Commerce Software Helped

Family-owned and operated SafeSide Tactical  opened in 2012 in an 800-square-foot building. It now employs sixty-five people across two retail locations and a booming E-Commerce platform. But this growth, especially in the highly regulated firearms industry, presented difficulties. Their filing system was not able to log customer information in a way that met government regulation, so that information had to be entered separately on the backend, opening the door to human error.

A Remedy for Error & Unmet RequirementsAccelerate Retail Growth With Automated Purchasing

After researching price, retail software capabilities and hardware requirements, SafeSide Tactical found that Celerant’s Stratus Retail offered a remedy with software licenses, encrypted credit card hardware, training and scalability, and it was able to export the data from the two existing filing systems and combine them seamlessly. The software also immediately brought:

  • Increased productivity
  • Money and time savings
  • Automated data entry via license scanner
  • Eliminated human error

The Groundwork for Long-Term Growth

But Stratus’s benefits went far beyond making the purchase process easier. The software also tracked shooting range activity, safety waiver completion and range memberships and monthly payments. As the business grew, Celerant’s E-Commerce features, combined with Celerant’s distributor integrations, proved vital in managing their business online.

“Celerant is always bringing new technology, new integrations and new partnerships that allow us to stay ahead of industry trends. In addition to supporting our physical stores and shooting range, Stratus supports our E-Commerce business. Since going live, we have experienced record-selling online gift card revenue. In addition, each year I attend Celerant’s Annual Client Conference to learn about new enhancements, meet new partners, and network with other software users. We appreciate having those conversations, working with one company to address all my questions, and their around-the-clock support staff.”
-Mitchell Tyler, Co-owner and Vice President, SafeSide Tactical

It allowed staff to review products, choose which to sell, and import them directly into the site from the distributor, with the potential to add over 200 products in a half hour, daily. Out-of-stock issues were avoided with automated purchasing and hourly inventory updates from vendors and distributors, and to keep the buyers coming, tracked customer data like purchase history allowed for targeted emails.

Take a Closer Look

Want to find out how to use Celerant to grow your shooting, hunting, outdoor business like SafeSide Tactical? Download the in-depth case study to learn more and get a free demo of the industry’s top-ranking retail software to see how it can help your company.



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