Retail Software Provider– Celerant Celebrates 23rd Anniversary

Today marks the company’s 23rd year of providing innovative retail software and eCommerce to independent retailers

Press Release - Celerant Technology Celebrates 23rd Year Anniversary - 10-13-2022

Staten Island, NY (October 13, 2022) – Celerant Technology is excited to celebrate its 23rd year of serving the retail industry with innovative point of sale, ERP and eCommerce solutions. This year’s anniversary follows a year of tremendous development of new technology, integrations and services- to better serve retail clients and help them come out of the pandemic stronger than ever before.

We have seen a lot over the past 23 years; but nothing compares to the past 2 and a half years. Prior to the pandemic, about 60% of our retail clients were using our eCommerce platform; that number is now closer to 90%. I am proud of our entire team for being creative, flexible and agile, especially during these times; and grateful to all our clients, some of whom have been with us since the very early days.

Ian Goldman, President & CEO, Celerant Technology

Ian Goldman Celerant Technology

Over the past year and throughout the pandemic, Celerant quickly shifted focus to meet the needs of retailers and help them adapt to industry changes. Celerant’s clients had an advantage during the pandemic, as most were levering Celerant’s eCommerce platform to sell online with same day, in-store pickup (BOPIS) functionality. At the start of the pandemic, Celerant quickly launched new and much needed applications, such as Curbside Pickup AppsVirtual Stores and Mobile Shopping Apps. Moving forward, Celerant is continuing to enhance its software with innovative technology, most notably, Geolocation Push Notifications, coming soon.

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Being together in-person to celebrate, after 2 years virtually, makes today’s anniversary extra special. In celebration of our anniversary and the hard work of our employees, it is our pleasure to cater a special luncheon for our hybrid team members in all four offices across the country and treat 70+ remote team members to lunch. Happy anniversary everyone!

Robert Goldman, Vice President & CTO, Celerant Technology

Robert Goldman

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