Business Intelligence

Celerant provides retailers with advanced reporting and forecasting tools so you can gain insight into the health of your retail operations. Through our fully-integrated retail platform, you have access to KPI reports that encompass all retail channels. View canned reports or create your own to analyze sales performance, inventory, loss prevention, commissions and more.

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Measure success any way you want
Celerant’s powerful reporting enables you to improve customer loyalty, forecast inventory demand, improve staffing levels, and optimize pricing/markdown and promotional strategy. Gain visibility to key performance indicators, predictive analytics and historical data such as min/max levels, trends, season, sales, best-sellers and more.
Point Of Sale Business Intelligence
Open to Buy
Celerant’s self-contained (fully-integrated) Open-To-Buy tool helps manage your complex and dynamic merchandise planning needs. Leverage up to a four-level hierarchy along with store-level planning to plan at retail, cost or units using a top-down or bottom-up method. View OTB availability within the purchase order module during order entry. The OTB tool seamlessly integrates with ANT USA’s best-selling merchandise and assortment planning system, Buyers Toolbox™, and with RMSA planning services.
  • Predictive Analytics

  • Stratus Retail provides data warehousing and analytics. With this data, you can analyze sales history, purchase orders, inventory and more  to spot trends and forecast/plan the necessary inventory, sales promotions and staffing needs.
  • Merchandise Planning

  • Access analytics to forecast demand and procure merchandise. For example, forecast demand (flat or seasonal) based on a style, SKU, taxonomy categories, user-defined fields, store location or other criteria. Stratus Retail provides modeling tools to help you plan and allocate inventory – ensuring you have the optimum quantity on-hand, while maintaining lean inventory.
  • Ad-Hoc Reports & Dashboard

  • Gain insight into the health of your organization with graphical charts, giving you visibility to the most important data through your dashboard. Great for presentations to show performance, trends and ROI. Easily create ad-hoc reports with Smart Views, an interactive, customizable grid that enables you to instantly filter and sort your live data. Create, customize and save your views.
  • Canned & Custom Reporting

  • Customize an unlimited number of reports using Report Builder, an intuitive interface that can capture and display data from all your retail channels in the form of tables, graphs or charts. Leverage 50+ standard reports that provide insight into customer history, top-sellers, average sales, profitability and performance– all which can be exported to Excel and other formats.
  • Web Analytics

  • With Stratus Retail, you can conduct a deep-dive analysis of your online performance. It allows you to monitor inventory by department, brand, style, location (city, state, country); sales by employee; fulfillment center performance (per store); and E-Commerce performance including the fraud score of each transaction which is based on historical data and machine learning. These tools allow you to effectively improve turnaround times, customer retention and overall ROI.
  • Data Warehouse

  • The Data Warehouse in Stratus Retail applies to all retail selling channels and provides an advanced tool-set for designing and producing custom reports with fast retrieval of analytical data. Celerant uses Micro Strategy as the engine to create in-depth reports, and enables you to review big data in large volumes.