Integrated E-Commerce

Celerant’s E-Commerce seamlessly integrates into Celerant’s Retail POS and Back Office system. We design your website and fully integrate it within the point of sale system in real time. There is no need for double or manual-entry of orders, and inventory is shared with your brick-and-mortar store locations. Retailers can post product descriptions and pictures on the appropriate webpages with automatic insertion.

iStratus eCommerce for retailers

Build An E-Commerce That Integrates With Your Point of Sale

Celerant’s E-Commerce integrated with the point of sale in real-time, bringing together your brick-and-mortar and online operations. With vendor integrations, you can sell their available stock on your website, giving the impression of an endless aisle of inventory. Orders flow directly into the Celerant database immediately after they are submitted by the shopper. You can view the order status in real-time, and receive alerts when a customer places an order, when it’s fulfilled, and when payment is received. Using E-Commerce Analytics, you can monitor and improve your site’s performance (i.e., load time, fulfillment, customer retention).

Integrates with Celerant's point of sale solution

Manage & post products from any terminal

Gain real-time visibility of your inventory

Automate fulfillment from any location

Accept returns in store

Offer a mobile commerce experience

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest products online

Define your E-Commerce pricing strategy

Merz istratus ecommerce website
``As we were expanding beyond just a store business, we needed something that could handle the E-Commerce platform, the phone orders, the stores, the Amazon partnerships. We moved to Celerant looking to solve the multi-channel or the omni-channel dilemma so to speak.”
Anthony Quaiyum, Owner - Merz Apothecary
  • Best Store Fulfillment

  • Utilize each store as its own warehouse, for optimized online order fulfillment. This process selects the optimal shipping route based on a range of variables pre-defined by the retailer, such as location, cost, quantity on-hand, and more.   Read More

  • Conversion Center

  • Gain real-time visibility into shopping carts, enabling you to optimize pricing, correct customer orders and edit shipping options. Respond to abandoned shopping carts to recover customers quickly with incentives or other service recovery options. Read More
  • Online Channel Integrations

  • Easily upload, manage and sell your products through a multitude of popular third-party E-Commerce platforms (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Social Media). Sales data is fed back into the Celerant retail system for easy management and reporting.  Read More

  • Fraud Scoring

  • iStratus includes Fraud Scoring to help E-Commerce merchants avoid online credit card fraud and chargebacks. A fraud score is determined by authenticating the shopper’s credit card and analyzing their buying behavior. The logic looks at each component of the transaction: CVV2, GEO-IP, IP Address, incomplete/incorrect information, multiple attempts, etc. Using machine learning, we can identify and adapt to new patterns of fraud, such as unusual purchases, international orders and buying frequency. Transitions with a low fraud score can be verified; transactions with a higher fraud score should be declined. Read More

  • Email Automation

  • To help you increase traffic and conversions, Celerant offers marketing automation that integrates with iStratus. Any email address you collect through the website is automatically stored in the CRM. The marketing automation tool segments customers based on their shopping behavior, past purchases and demographics. You can create and automate personalized email campaigns with targeted coupons/BOGOs to your segmented email lists.  Read More

  • SEO Services

  • Not only does Celerant design E-Commerce websites, they ensure each site is built with SEO in mind. Everything from SEO-friendly pages, URLs, keywords and meta tags are considered when designing each website. In addition, Celerant has an in-house team of SEO specialists that can help you increase visibility and conversion of your website. Read More

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Package

There’s two iStratus packages: Standard and Enterprise. Standard is for retailers making the transition to E-Commerce, offering the tools needed to successfully run an online store. iStratus Enterprise is for operations that demand an advanced web presence, containing cutting-edge features to have a competitive online business.

  • Mobile responsive design
  • Product comparison
  • Product filtering
  • Loyalty point system
  • Integrated coupons
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • Estimated/live shipping rates
  • Advanced smart search
  • Gift registry
  • Fraud scoring parameters
  • Multiple store fronts
iStratus Standard
iStratus Enterprise