Mobile Inventory Applications

Celerant enables your staff to perform inventory tasks and other back-office functions on mobile. Whether in trucks, store locations or warehouses, you can scan, count, manage and lookup your inventory. With Celerant’s mobile and stand-alone applications, you will improve operational efficiency by eliminating the need for manual entry of count sheets, reducing errors and improving customer service.

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The Power Of Celerant in the palm of your hand

Celerant Command Mobile


Celerant Command Mobile is a web-based app that can run on just about any mobile device in conjunction with a Linea-Pro sled or other bluetooth scanner. CCM enables employees to create documents and perform essential back-office and warehouse tasks on-the-fly. Tasks such as transfers, receiving, picking and packing are communicated directly to the main database in real-time. That way, inventory is immediately reflected across all channels including POS, back office and E-Commerce.
Celerant Mobile Inventory for iOS


Celerant Mobile Inventory for iOS is an app that can be purchased and easily downloaded from the Apple App Store to simplify your inventory processes. This is a perfect option for stores seeking a light-weight, cost-effective device to complete physical inventory and smaller cycle counts, and perform other back-office functions. Employees can also now perform in-aisle customer service tasks such as registry creation without leaving the customer’s side. Add a Linea-Pro Sled to transform your iOS device into a barcode scanner, validating barcodes and making inventory tasks faster and more accurate.
Celerant Mobile Inventory for PDT


Celerant offers a heavy-duty mobile tool for retailers with larger amounts of inventory and turnover. The Skorpio X3 Portable Data Terminal (PDT) along with our software enables you to perform physical inventory and other back-office tasks in motion. The PDT collects data and generates .txt files for export using Celerant’s Data Collector. Complete physical inventory, enter POs, receive and transfer products, change style attributes, enter prices, process sales orders and more – while on-the-go.