Marketplace Integrations

There is no question that retailers can increase sales through third-party marketplaces. Stratus Retail has seamless integrations with leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Facebook. Receive real-time alerts on all sales activity, track all sales channels in one place, and quickly identify top-selling merchandise, low inventory and new sales opportunities.

Increase Online Sales With Amazon

fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Integrating and managing your Amazon marketplace manually can be time consuming and inefficient. Celerant offers two direct seamless integrations with Amazon, both allowing orders to flow through as if they derived from the retailer's own E-Commerce website.

Get instant & automated access to Amazon’s tremendous market reach

Offload fulfillment, payment processing & customer service to Amazon

Sell products with free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members (major hit with consumers)

Provide real-time visibility into sales data & inventory for merchandise sold through Amazon

Leverage Amazon’s Pricing Intelligence to compare and improve your pricing strategy against the competition

Celerant’s integration with Amazon helped Merz sell over $7 Mil

“Fulfilling orders through Amazon with Celerant has been a seamless process. Tapping into the market penetration and SEO of Amazon has helped us reach new customers throughout the United States and handing over picking, packing, and payments to Amazon has allowed us to focus on core aspects of expanding business.”
- Anthony Qaiyum, President- Merz Apothecary

Manage the Fulfillment Process

With Celerant's integration, merchants have the option to fulfill their own orders or offload fulfillment to the marketplace.

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  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

  • FBA allows retailers access to Amazon’s tremendous market reach and to offload fulfillment, payment processing and customer service to Amazon. Retailers send specific merchandise to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center where online orders are fulfilled and deducted from inventory stock levels. With FBA, retailers can take advantage of Amazon Prime, where two-day shipping is offered to all Prime members.

  • Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM)

  • FBM allows retailers to take control of the selling process in its entirety including: Picking, packing and customer service. With Celerant’s Amazon integration, listing products, adjusting prices and receiving orders are virtually effortless, and fulfillment is completed by the merchant as with all other E Commerce orders. Update Amazon product details seamlessly from Celerant’s Point of Sale system.