Retail Software Pricing:
Purchase vs. SaaS

Celerant Technology offers two pricing options and plenty of software add-ons, offering the flexibility to meet your budget and help you grow. Retailers can switch to our retail platform, Stratus Retail™, using a Purchase Model or SaaS Model. Our sales team is available to discuss your specific business needs, and help you determine which option and add-ons are best suited for your retail business.

Two great models to choose from

Celerant offers two pricing options, offering the flexibility that retailers need to meet their budget.

  • Purchase Option

  • 100

    • WHO: Intended for retailers who prefer to own their retail software outright.
    • PRICE: Higher up-front investment w/ minimal annual fees for recurring services.
    • LICENSES: Initial investment based on a per-user license, setup, professional services & training.
  • SaaS Option

  • 100

    • WHO: For retailers who prefer to license our platform on a monthly, subscription basis.
    • PRICE: Little to no upfront investment w/ monthly subscription fees.
    • LICENSES: Monthly fees based on number of user licenses, & includes implementation & hosting.

Plenty Of Software Add-Ons & Services

Celerant offers a ton of software add-ons and services to help your retail business grow.

  • Stratus Retail

  • Stratus Retail is a fully-integrated system used to manage your entire retail business. Pricing is based on the number of user licenses, and includes: Point of sale, CRM, inventory management, order fulfillment, ERP/accounting, work orders/repairs, rentals, warehouse management, resource/lane management, class/course scheduling, business intelligence and more.
  • Software Add-ons & Integrations

  • Stratus Retail is a scalable system, offering advanced features to support your business growth. Some of the add-ons include: Data warehousing, Open-to-Buy, Auto-Protect (data back-ups), hosting, report designer, integrations to leading technologies such as QuickBooks (Accounting), SPS Commerce (electronic data exchange), Avalara (sales tax compliance), and more.
  • Setup & Professional Services

  • After purchasing Stratus Retail, Celerant’s Set-Up Team will install and configure the system for your stores, office, and/or warehouse. That includes the point of sale, mobile inventory devices, back office terminals, servers, hosting, data back-ups, data conversation from your prior POS software, and more. Stratus can be setup and tested remotely via the internet, or on-site.
  • POS Hardware & Peripherals

  • Clients can purchase hardware from 3rd-party providers or from Celerant, as a “one-stop-shop”. That includes EMV devices, cash draws, receipt printers, barcode scanners, portable data terminals (PDT) and more. Make sure the hardware meets our minimum requirements. Regardless of where you purchase, our Set-Up Team is available to ensure it functions properly in your store.
  • Training & Implementation

  • As soon as you become a Celerant client, you are assigned a dedicated team of experienced retail professionals. Your Implementation Team provides the support, guidance and training you need to “go-live” with your Celerant POS as soon as possible. You can select the amount of training needed for your team; additional training can always be added later on.
  • Modifications & Custom Development

  • One of Stratus Retail’s many differentiators is its ability to be customized for your business. Stratus Retail can be used out-of-box, or you can choose to have it customized. Modifications can be anything from a small tweak to a report, or be as major as designing an entirely new module. The pricing for custom development depends on the complexity of the request.
  • Digital Marketing Services

  • Celerant offers full-service digital marketing – from concept to delivery – to support your business long past “Go-Live”. Whether you have your own internal marketing staff, or you want to take advantage of our Digital Marketing Team, we can help you increase traffic and sales to your physical stores and E-Commerce website through SEO, email marketing automation and more.
  • E-Commerce & Online Integrations

  • Stratus Retail integrates seamlessly with iStratus, a powerful E-Commerce platform, enabling you to operate your store and website as one – with unified pricing, promotions, gift cards and more. Other innovative add-ons that are available include ‘Best Store’ Fulfillment, marketplace integrations (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Walmart), drop shipping, inventory data feeds and more.