Range Management Software

Celerant’s range management allows firearm dealers to manage courses and register students. From registration to multiple course enrollments, you can easily create and fill training classes, assign students to specific sessions, and track which courses have been completed. Additionally, you can schedule and allocate resources for each course, and accept payment in-store and online.

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Manage your range easily and efficiently
Firearms dealers can easily manage all aspects of their range with Celerant, including course scheduling and range management. Create reservations, check in customers, assign specific ranges or lanes, offer memberships, define any required waivers, scan driver’s licenses, accept all major forms of payment, and split sales for groups – all through Celerant’s point of sale software.

Create and manage courses. Schedule firearm courses, and allocate the necessary resources for each class (e.g., firearm equipment, lanes, training rooms, safety officers, instructors).

Provide online scheduling. Allow your customers to view open lanes and create reservations directly on your Celerant E-Commerce website, or as a stand-alone site, in real-time.

Offer range membership. Incentivize individuals, families, law enforcement or military who frequent your shooting range and classes with multi-level memberships and the convenience of automatic billing.