Integrated Retail CRM

Celerant’s CRM is directly integrated into Celerant’s POS software so retailers can track and view all customer and sales data from in-store, online and third parties - in a single database in real-time. Leveraging this data, you can anticipate the future needs of your customers, and keep customers coming back to your stores by compiling personal information and sending targeted promotions and email campaigns.

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“With the true multi-store database Celerant offers, We can now view a customer’s spending habits across the enterprise in one click rather than pulling data from each store separately and spending time putting it together”
– Jane Calfee, IT Specialist, Affordables Apparel

Streamline buying club enrolment by scanning reward cards

Track sales data from all retail channels

Enter customer data at the POS screen

Increase repeat business through loyalty programs

Develop targeted promotions to increase sales

Access real-time customer and sales data in a single place

  • Campaign Management

  • Celerant enables effective promotion management which increases customer retention and satisfaction. The software leverages all CRM and sales data from purchases made in-store and online to target email marketing campaigns and personalize promotions based on your customer’s complete purchase history, buying behavior and demographics.
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  • CRM & Buying Clubs

  • Incentivize customers with CRM/Buying Clubs to drive loyalty and provide additional purchasing options. Retailers can offer multi-level memberships, and the convenience of automatic billing. Loyalty programs/rewards can be used for in-store and online purchases. They are viewable by the cashier at the POS, and shown on the bottom of receipts.
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  • Targeted Coupons

  • Create and manage coupons for your customers within Celerant. Using data in the CRM, coupons can be targeted to consumers based on their prior purchases, top customers, customers with a gift card balance to help get them back into your store. Coupons can be created using templates, and can be serialized with random numbers so each one is unique.
  • Gift Cards

  • Gift cards and stored-value cards are a strategic way to expand your customer base, remind customers to return and increase your incremental sales. Our unique card offering is integrated into your Celerant point of sale. It’s easy to set up, and they can be used just like a credit card for in-store and online purchases.
  • Assisted Selling

  • Track and gain access to valuable CRM analytics about your customers and their buying patterns across all retail channels including in-store, online and third-parties (i.e., Amazon, eBay). Leveraging sales history and CRM data, store clerks can assist customers and more effectively upsell products and complimentary products, identify profit opportunities, and improve the overall shopping experience.
  • Parent-Child Cases

  • Create and manage parent and child cases within the CRM. Assign a “Parent” status to a customer if they are the main account holder, and associate the Parent record to other customers. Track orders of a corporate account and employees purchasing under that account, or a a company and its subsidiaries, a coach and team members, and actual family members.