Boost Sales With Customer Incentives

More than a POS system that rings up sales, Celerant offers plenty of options to help retailers boost foot and web traffic; increase sales; and build brand loyalty. Through our retail software, you can create and manage loyalty programs, club memberships, coupons, gift cards and other shopper incentives. Our goal is to help you grow your business!

Incentive Programs For Retailers

The following consumer incentive programs are integrated into our retail software.

Loyalty Rewards

Incentivize your customers with loyalty rewards in-store and online.


Offer CRM/buying clubs with photo ID cards to increase revenue.

Integrated gift cards


Expand your customer base with in-store and online gift cards.


Target coupons to customers based on their prior purchases.


Create promotions to keep customers shopping with you.


Increase conversations and sales with personalized email campaigns.


Provide a gift registry to assist those getting married, having a baby, etc.


Access real-time CRM/sales data to improve customer programs.

Increase Repeat Business With Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Rewards Program

Celerant includes a built-in customer loyalty program that allows shoppers to accrue/redeem loyalty points, both in-store and online.

Incentivize customers with loyalty rewards in-store & online

Create custom reward programs unique to your business

Track points and rewards that customers have earned

Allow customers to manage their rewards online

Access loyalty points on the POS screen

Display loyalty points on the bottom of receipts

Incorporate club memberships with your loyalty programs

Generate Recurring Revenue With Club Memberships

CRM Memberships With ID Cards

Club memberships are a great way to generate recurring revenue while gaining valuable customer data.

Offer multi-level memberships with predetermined benefits

Print photo ID cards for members

Provide the convenience of automatic, recurring billing

Track valuable membership data inducing rewards

Manage memberships from the point of sale

Allow members to access their membership online

Create Discounts & Promotions in Stratus Retail

With Stratus Retail, you can create and manage coupons, discounts and BOGOs. Using our email marketing tool, you can send targeted promotions to top customers; those who haven’t purchased in the past 6 months; customers with a gift card balance encouraging them to spend it; and more.

Promotions & Email Marketing For Retailer

Personalize promotions based on past purchases & demographics

Restrict promotions to certain products, brands or services

Require a minimum order total or quantity for coupons to apply

Distribute coupon codes for specific retail channels (store location, E-Commerce, Amazon, eBay)

Set limitations to discounts (i.e., once per email address, expiry date, store location)

Save time & reduce fraud with serialized coupon codes that can be automatically scanned

Increase Sales By Offering Gift Cards & A Gift Registry

Gift cards (stored-value cards) and gift registries are a strategic way to expand your customer base and increase sales. Fully-integrated into the retail system, our unique card offering is easy to set up in the point of sale.

retail loyalty program- customer gift cards

Sell/redeem gift cards both in-store & online

Provide customers with a refund on a gift card

Print gift card messages & envelopes

Incentivize customers with a gift card balance to spend it

Allow customers to create gift registries in-store & online

Sync your gift registry online in real-time

Make it effortless for friends & family to purchase gifts on a registry

See Stratus Retail In Action

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