Point of Sale Security

There is no question that protecting your business from fraudulent transactions is important. Perhaps even more important is the customer perception of your business and their security. Celerant helps reduce fraudulent activity, and ensure your business and customer data is well-protected, from the point of sale to the bank.

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Conveniently conduct secure transactions via EMV
Celerant’s POS is enabled with functionality that works with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) devices to secure your data at the point of entry. That way, sensitive cardholder information never appears in your system’s memory. Celerant also offers a data tokenization option to further secure payment data sent between a merchant and their bank, potentially reducing the scope of a PCI audit.
EMV Security for Point of Sale

Fraud Detection. Leverage fraud scoring and EMV/chip card readers to protect against fraudulent credit card activity/chargebacks in-store and online.

Transfer data securely. Ensure credit card transaction data is securely sent to the bank via tokenization, protecting against theft from databases and other sources.

Shopper perception. Give your customers ``peace of mind`` by processing their payments as securely and conveniently as possible.

Loss Prevention. Enable biometrics or rights-based security access to each application for each employee, and integrate with your stores' CCTV to limit theft, reducing loss and inventory shrinkage.

Point-To-Point Encryption Secure your customers' payment data in your POS system with point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

Compliance. Leverage Celerant's features to help keep your business compliant with current regulations and ensure the safety of consumer information.