Vendor Management

Celerant provides retailers with the tools needed to streamline supply from their vendors. Through these tools, you can integrate with vendor catalogs; automate purchase orders; display your vendors live, available inventory on your website; drop ship; communicate via EDI; and optimize vendor partners with business intelligence. By leveraging your vendors, you can offer a wider variety of products on your site and have your customers orders fulfilled faster- directly by your vendors, with your branding.

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Import vendor products into your Celerant retail system

Automatically reorder inventory based on min/max levels

Sell your vendor’s stock levels directly on your E-Commerce website

Allow your vendors to fulfill from their warehouse directly to your customers

Exchange data with vendors electronically, and directly export Purchase Orders

Manage complex and dynamic merchandise planning needs with Open To Buy

  • Vendor Catalog Integration

  • Source suppliers and browse vendor catalogs to select the items you want to sell by importing them into your Celerant database, including product descriptions and images. Eliminate the need to manually enter data and reduce errors. Update against vendor catalogs at customized intervals to ensure the newest products make it to your store shelves, faster.
  • Automated Purchase Orders

  • Automate the reordering process for items with high turnover, generating POs based on predefined min/max stock levels to keep the necessary inventory on hand and ‘just in time’. Choose to approve POs, or automatically send them to suppliers through email or EDI. Forecast the necessary stock levels based on trends, seasons, top sellers, promotions and more.

  • Live Online Vendor Feeds

  • Take advantage of your vendor’s full product line and offer many more products on your website. With live online vendor feeds, your supplier’s available inventory levels and current MSRP’s are automatically reflected on your E-Commerce website. From there, orders can be placed by your customers and drop shipped directly from the vendor.

  • Drop Shipping

  • Sell your vendors’ stock on your website, and allow your vendors to fulfill from their warehouse directly to your customers, using your shipping labels and company branding. You can also integrate with third-parties, such as Amazon, and sell your merchandise on their site while they fulfill the orders for you. And everything’s tracked in real-time!

  • EDI with Suppliers

  • Celerant’s interface makes it possible to communicate data to vendors via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Define various data templates that map to their system for data such as: PO’s and invoices. Celerant integrates with SPS Commerce for larger retailers using many suppliers.

  • Vendor Management

  • Celerant offers advanced reporting tools so you can gain insight into the heath of your retail operation. Through user-friendly reports and vendor scorecards, retailers can track compliance issues and spot trends to optimize their supply chain. Manage vendor profiles, and monitor the performance of each vendor.