Warehouse Management

Celerant provides retailers with integrated warehouse management tools to help them better manage their supply chain and streamline receiving, shipping, tracking, allocation, their physical warehouse (shelves, aisles, loading docks, etc.), and more. Whether managing your warehouse or distribution center, inventory levels and locations are reflected in real-time.

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Maintain control of warehouse inventory
With Celerant’s warehouse management tools you gain real-time visibility of your inventory. Streamline tasks including transfers, receiving, allocation and more. Celerant’s mobile inventory applications enable employees to perform physical inventory and cycle counts on-the-go without the need for manual entry.

Streamline warehouse operations. Manage and complete warehouse tasks such as transfers, receiving, picking and packing, put-back, pack-to-store and more – using real-time data.

Maintain tight inventory. Control where your inventory is by tracking warehouse locations such as shelves, pallets, picking and packing zones, put areas, loading docks and trucks.

Complete inventory on mobile. Arm your staff with mobile devices to scan barcodes and perform essential inventory functions on-the-go such as physical inventory and cycle counts.

Streamline documentation. Reduce errors with automatic creation of inventory and warehouse documentation, such as case labels, pick tickets, packing lists, invoices and more.

Ship from warehouse. Ship directly from your warehouse using integrated shipping tools for major carriers including UPS, FedEx and USPS - allowing you to pack shipments and print labels in a single step.

Manage each store as a warehouse. Automatically fulfill orders from the best store based on preset logic such as inventory levels and product performance by location.