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Celerant Technology’s multi-channel retail management system offers  everything you need to manage and grow your business within ONE platform, in real-time. The solution includes point of sale, inventory management, warehouse management, integrated E-Commerce, marketplace integrations, mobile applications, digital marketing, and much more.

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Point of sale

Point of Sale

Leverage Celerant's powerful POS that enables you to look up prices; access inventory levels; process transactions with mobile EMV chip card readers; offer gift receipts; sell/accept gift cards; create layaways; and so much more.


Gain insight into your business with advanced reporting and forecasting tools that incorporates data from all retail channels allowing you to measure trends, inventory, sales performance, best-sellers, loss prevention, commissions and more.


Manage your website and store as one, in real-time, with Celerant's integrated and customizable E-Commerce platform . You can also expand online sales by integrating your site with 3rd-party marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Farfetch, Facebook).

Order Fulfillment

Fulfill orders from a central warehouse or individual stores; automatically select the “best” store to ship from based on location, stock levels, planned promos, pickup frequency and more; offload fulfillment to your vendors and marketplaces.

Integrated gift cards


Offer cross-channel incentives to boost traffic/sales for your physical store(s) and website. You can offer loyalty rewards, multi-level CRM/club memberships with recurring billing, targeted coupons, BOGO's, gift cards and more.

Warehouse Management

Manage the physical location of inventory stored in your distribution center, whether on shelves, aisles or loading docks. You can streamline store transfers, shipping & receiving, cycle counts; and manage inventory with a mobile tablet in real-time.


Manage repairs and rentals for any of your merchandise. Track, assign and prioritize specific tasks, and accept deposits/full payments for services through the point of sale - whether the service is provided in-house or by the manufacturer.


Boost traffic and sales to your website and stores by leveraging Celerant's full-service digital marketing- SEO and integrated email automation. Our email platform pulls live CRM/sales data to personalize and automate email campaigns.


Celerant’s point of sale allows you to manage all store locations, including your warehouse, in real-time. Through the POS, you can look up prices, access inventory levels, process sales transactions with mobile EMV chip card readers, accept returns, put sales on hold, offer gift receipts, sell/accept gift cards, create layaways, and so much more. Celerant’s mobile POS tablet allows you to quickly assist customers anywhere (i.e., store, trade shows, sidewalk sales), and access all the features a traditional desktop POS offers and a lot more. Learn more

MePOS - Point of Sale Software And Hardware

Manage inventory across all channels in real-time

Create custom/special orders & layaways

Incentivize shoppers with loyalty rewards & promos

Assist shoppers anywhere with mobile POS tablet

Process sales transactions with mobile EMV chip card readers

Optimize the customer experience via predictive analytics

Leverage point-to-point (P2P) encryption & tokenization


Celerant builds custom and powerful mobile E-Commerce websites. With seamless integration with Celerant’s point of sale, you can manage your store and online operations in real-time. Online orders flow directly into the Celerant database, allowing you to view all orders in a single place. You can setup drop shipping, and/or automate fulfillment from any store or warehouse location. Celerant also offers digital marketing to increase traffic and sales to your website. Learn more »

Celerants mobile eCommerce Platform

Integrate seamlessly with Celerant's retail POS software in real-time

Manage & post products from any terminal

Enable customers to purchase gift cards, accumulate loyalty rewards & renew memberships online

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest products online

Offer the ability to buy online, pick up/return in-store

Automate online order fulfillment from any location

Allow vendors to drop ship orders directly to your customers

Fulfill orders From Your Stores and/or Warehouse

With Celerant, you can fulfill orders from your stores and/or warehouse, and track the orders in real-time. Celerant’s “Best Store Fulfillment” automatically selects the “best” store to ship from based on your preferences (i.e., location, stock levels, weeks of supply, planned promotions, projected sales, staffing, pickup frequency). Celerant also streamlines warehouse processes such as transfers, shipping/receiving, and merchandise assortment, and allows you to complete physical inventory via Celerant’s mobile inventory application. Learn more »

Use your stores as a warehouse fulfillment center

Manage merchandise transfers between warehouse/stores

Allocate the right assortment of merchandise to each store

Streamline shipping & receiving

Set up pick waves for multiple orders

Pack shipments & print labels in one step

Complete physical inventory with a mobile device

Integrate with Made4net™ to automate/optimize warehouse operations, & manage inventory in the supply chain

Retailers that require enterprise-level warehouse management can leverage our integration with Made4Net. Made4Net offers an advanced WMS with truck routing and delivery signatures. Through our integration, retailers can more effectively manage and automate warehouse operations; plan delivery routes with fewer trucks at lower costs; enable real-time electronic signatures upon delivery; optimize logistic resources; and gain valuable insight into their business.

Promote your business through digital marketing

Integrate your Celerant E-Commerce site with social channels (i.e., Instagram, Facebook) to display ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons; sell merchandise via news feeds; and pull your recent social posts. We also help retailers increase store/web traffic,  conversions and revenue- through SEO and personalized email marketing. Celerant’s integrated email marketing platform pulls real-time CRM/sales data to dynamically segment consumers, and send promotional emails based on their past purchases, brand preferences and demographics. Learn more »

Send personalized, automated email campaigns to shoppers

Invite customers to post online reviews for prior purchases

Send suggested upsell items

Remind shoppers with products in cart

Offer targeted coupons

Reengage lost customers

Boost site rankings with Celerant's SEO services


With Celerant’s marketplace integrations, you can easily upload products to 3rd-party sites (i.e., Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Farfetch, Facebook). All orders flow into your Celerant retail system, allowing you to track sales from each channel in a ONE place- and with NO manual entry. You can fulfill your own orders, or have the marketplace fulfill the orders for you. Learn more »

Increase sales through leading marketplaces & auction sites

Easily upload products from within the retail software

Receive real-time alerts on sales data & inventory

Track & manage all marketplace orders in one place

List your products with Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping

Offload fulfillment & customer service to the 3rd-party

Transform Your Business With Leading Integrations

Celerant maintains partnerships with many leading technology-driven companies whose various capabilities contribute to the functionality and extendibility of our products and services for our retailers. Learn more »

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Celerant's point of sale integrates with made4net, an advanced warehouse and transportation management solution for retailers of all sizes.
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