RSR Group & Celerant Help Firearm Retailers Sell More Products With Less Effort

Dealers can auto-order and display RSR’s 'product feeds' with Celerant’s eCommerce platform and store kiosks to streamline inventory supply

Celerant Technology offers retail software for the firearms industry, and integrates with RSR Group to help FFL dealers streamline inventory and expand product lines - both in-store and online. As one of the leading wholesalers of shooting sports products, RSR Group offers a diverse inventory of 25,000 products from 350+ brands, including firearms, ammo, optics, safety equipment and other accessories. RSR was one of Celerant's first distributor partner integrations, and hundreds of dealers from across the country leverage our integration to gain faster access to products, which was especially important during the pandemic when inventory was on such short supply. Learn how Celerant and RSR can help you be more competitive and sell more products too.

Having Celerant as an integration partner is HUGE. Taking hold of a large selection of products that dealers wouldn’t normally sell in-store, really opens them up to selling inventory from those brands and manufacturers. It really creates a lot more growth and opportunity in reaching customers nationwide.

Alex Acevedo, Sales Manager at RSR Group

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Offer more products in your gun shop!

With Celerant's point of sale, you can access RSR's catalog and import products in bulk - and eliminate manual the entry of each product. You can also auto-order inventory and automate the ordering process based on forecasted sales and min/max levels. Create your purchase orders within the Celerant software, and have the software send them to RSR for you, so you don’t have to send emails, order on the RSR order site, call your RSR sales rep, etc. The Celerant retail software pushes out your orders, and pulls back acknowledgements from RSR for those orders.

RSR also offers firearm dealers 'online product feeds' which can be displayed on Celerant's in-store kiosks so you can offer more merchandise in your store, including products you normally don't stock. You can auto-route those orders to RSR for drop shipping, direct to your customer, or offer in-store pickup. Additionally, Celerant offers integrated electronic A&D books and e4473s so your gun shop complies with the ATF.

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Sell more products online without stocking the merchandise!

Celerant also offers an eCommerce platform geared for firearm dealers. Through our integration with RSR, you can display their 'online product feeds' on your Celerant eCommerce website with product descriptions, images, map pricing, MSRP and most importantly - RSR's available inventory levels. Online orders can also be auto-routed to RSR for drop shipping, or fulfilled via in-store pickup or via en FFL Locator, so dealers can sell firearms online to all parts of the country. This allows you to launch a website, complete with products, much faster, while keeping your website updated with RSR's current stock as soon as it's available- without manually updating anything. This also enables dealers to get faster access to RSR products. As soon as RSR has a product back in stock, your eCommerce site can be selling it, before your competitor even knows it's back in stock.

RSR was one of our first distributor partner integrations, many many years ago, and we offer so much automation together for our shared dealers. Through the pandemic, our dealers were able to get faster  access to RSR products. As soon as the product was made available at RSR, our dealer's ecommerce site could display them and  sell those products without the retailer having to do anything.

Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing, Asst. VP at Celerant

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Celerant's eCommerce platform also integrates with 3rd-party marketplaces - GunBroker,, Weapon Depot,, Amazon, and eBay (for accessories), and more - so you can reach more customers online. Save time by integrating your point of sale with the online marketplace to pull your orders into your back off office software, and streamline the process by integrating your available inventory to the marketplace.

Learn more about Celerant’s integration with RSR:

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RSR Group, Inc. is a nationwide distributor of firearms and shooting sports accessories. The corporate office is located in Winter Park, FL and the distribution center in Fort Worth, TX. Currently have five sales centers strategically located across the U.S. - NY, FL, NV, TX, WI.

For 39 years, RSR Group, Inc. has revolutionized the shooting sports industry. The company has become a top distributor in the shooting sports market and has been recognized for its commitment to the industry and its programs. Our dedication to "making a difference for retailers every day" has remained constant. RSR Group, Inc. Service Professionals are committed to providing you with the finest customer service in the industry and carrying forth the reputation that has made RSR Group a leader in the shooting sports market. For more information, visit

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