POS Data Conversion

Data conversion is one of the most critical steps when migrating to a new Retail Management System. It involves understanding your current database structure, knowing what data you want to keep and how you plan on using it. It often involves consolidating data from multiple systems, and changing data formats to ensure compatibility with the new database. With 100s of successful data conversions, Celerant’s Technical Team can convert data from your current system to Stratus Retail.

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  • 1- Planning

  • Successful data conversion starts with proper planning. Your dedicated Implementation Manager will ask you a variety of questions to define goals for the project (what data needs to move, how much historical data to keep, which data will be used online, do you have data restrictions). You will be provided with a project plan consisting of tasks and deadlines.

  • 2 - Data Export

  • In this phase, Celerant will analyze your database and the availability of the data. That includes multiple databases if you are using multiple systems. We will identify the data you need migrated, export it, and convert it into a format recognizable by Stratus Retail. Please provide us with any documentation you have about the system’s database or your database structure.

  • 3- Data Scrubbing

  • Celerant will go through each file export and scrub/cleanse the data. This process improves the quality and consistency of your data before it gets loaded into Stratus Retail. We will fix data that’s incomplete, improperly formatted/duplicated (incorrect price formats, brands with various spelling, duplicate customer records, similar colors, missing barcodes.

  • 4 - Data Conversion

  • During this stage, Celerant’s Data Conversion Team will convert your data to Stratus Retail’s database. According to the project plan, we will ensure all your data is uploaded the way you (and your shoppers) intend to use it both in-store, online and in the back end. We will also encrypt and restrict access to sensitive data according to your data requirements.

  • 5 – Build & Testing

  • The Build Team will configure Stratus Retail with your new database. Then the Quality Assurance (QA) Team will develop test scripts to simulate retail transitions and other actions to ensure every function works properly within the Stratus Retail environment (i.e., Point of Sale, E-Commerce, CRM, Accounting/ERP, Inventory Management, Reporting).

  • 6 – Validation & Go-Live

  • Your data is converted to the production database. Conversion is kept as short as possible to minimize the impact on your daily operation. Database backups are taken at critical points. Your business tests each functional area and “signs off” that the conversion is successful. Your Implementation Manager will assist you during validation and provide training.