Conversion Center for Cart Recovery

Celerant’s conversion center provides retailers with the tools needed to retain online shoppers through real-time engagement and remarketing efforts. With automated email marketing, retailers are able to immediately respond to abandoned shopping carts and recover customers quickly with incentives to “checkout.”

Conversion Center Overview

Celerant’s Conversion Center includes two main features. It provides retailers with real-time access to shopping carts, and includes an automated email marketing feature for abandoned carts. The cart tracking and cart recovery systems work together to identify problems and keep shoppers satisfied and loyal.

Real-time access to shopping carts

Using Conversion Center, Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can provide assistance when an online shopper initiatives conversation via live chat or phone, and have the ability to make real-time changes to their cart such as: Add/remove items, apply discounts, adjust shipping and assist with completing online orders on-the-fly.

Automated email marketing for abandoned carts

Conversion Center captures customer information as soon as an email address is entered during the checkout process. With cart recovery, automated email campaigns can be sent to shoppers with abandoned carts offering discount codes, shipping incentives or CSR assistance to help them return to their cart and checkout. Retailers can set their own rules for how and when shoppers are contacted.

Celerant’s Conversion Center is just one part of our digital marketing services for retailers- from SEO services to our integrated email automation, we can take your organization’s marketing to the next level.