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Celerant Technology promotes business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology. With Celerant, Retail is Re-Defined.




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Integrated Email Automation

Celerant not only specializes in retail software and E-Commerce, we offer email marketing that's personalized for your customers – from concept to delivery. We “break through the noise” with automated email workflow – so you can increase traffic and sales to your website and physical stores.

Personalized Emails Deliver 6x Higher Transaction Rates Compared to Blind Emails

Celerant’s integrated marketing automation tool pulls real-time CRM and sales data from your Celerant software to segment customer email lists and send personalized emails based on automated workflows. This ensures consumers receive emails that are actually meant for them, increasing the chances they will click and convert into a sale.

The power behind Celerant’s marketing automation is its ability to dynamically segment consumers based on their shopping behavior, past purchases, brand preferences, and demographics - from every retail channel they visit, including your stores and website. By leveraging this data, you can personalize and automate email campaigns. That way your consumers will receive the right message at the right time.

Invite customers to post online reviews for prior purchases

Send suggested upsell items

Remind shoppers with products in cart

Offer targeted coupons

Reengage lost customers

Celerant’s integrated email automation is just one part of our digital marketing services for retailers- from SEO services to our Conversion Center for cart recovery, we can take your organization’s marketing to the next level.