E-Commerce SEO Services

Not only does Celerant offer customized, flexible retail software for brick and mortar stores with advanced, integrated E-Commerce for retailers, we provide extensive ongoing Search Engine Optimization services. Celerant’s SEO services help increase the visibility of your site, so you can increase web traffic and, ultimately, conversions and revenue.

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Celerant's SEO Services For Retailers

Celerant’s SEO services begin with a thorough keyword and conversion audit of your website. That allows our in-house SEO specialists determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Using this analysis, our team can develop an ongoing SEO strategy to help your site attract more visitors, while increasing conversions and lowering bounce rates.

Using industry-leading SEO analytical tools, our in-house specialists, who are already very familiar with your Celerant site, are able to immediately make the needed SEO changes and updates directly on your site, as opposed to outsourced services providing only the recommendations for your team to complete.

Meet as often as bi-weekly with one of Celerant’s SEO Specialists to review your strategy and the results of your Celerant E-Commerce site for continuous improvement.

Initiate SEO and conversion audit

Develop SEO strategy

Determine tracked keywords

Improve E-Commerce content

Cleanup Google Webmaster Tools

Provide bi-weekly/monthly SEO reports (mobile & desktop metrics)

Offer unlimited site audits

As a part of our SEO services, Celerant offers comprehensive social marketing and social media tools to boost E-Commerce website rankings, monitor site traffic and conversions, and measure behavior on social channels. By using tools such as Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite, and others, Celerant monitors and harnesses the “buzz“ surrounding your business, and uses social analytics to help your business grow.

Celerant’s SEO service is just one part of our digital marketing services for retailers- from integrated email automation to our Conversion Center for cart recovery, we can take your organization’s marketing to the next level.