Sporting Goods Retailer Manages Merchandise, Customer Billing & Sales Tax w/ Celerant

Geiger’s, a sporting goods and outerwear retailer, has been in owners Chas and Gordon Geiger’s family since 1932. They have developed a reputation for good customer service and quality. However, the world has changed quite a bit since 1932, so the Geigers realized they needed to make some changes to adapt. They needed to figure out how they could compete within today’s modern, competitive retail environment.

Making Better Buying Decision

Since their current retail software wasn’t meeting their needs, the Geigers went with Celerant and haven’t looked back since. Celerant provided the ability to analyze purchases and sell-through so that they could make better data-driven decisions for their company. The integration of all their processes, from the general ledger right down to the point-of-sale activity made the transition to Celerant POS easy and smooth.

"Our prior retail software really wasn’t doing it for us. Celerant gave us the ability to analyze our purchases, to analyze our sell through; it was an integrated program that took us from general ledger right down to point of sale activity. It was a very smooth transition, and while we had choices we found that Celerant really met our needs."

Chas Geiger- Co-Owner, Geiger's

Invoicing Made Easy

One thing in particular that Geiger’s has benefited from is Celerant’s invoicing capabilities. As part of their business, Geiger’s sells team sporting goods to local teams, charities, and schools. Celerant has allowed them to invoice in a way that pulls together all of the costs that are involved with putting together those large orders. It also allows them to individually bill parents and groups. The retail invoicing software easily tracks the whole process, from selecting the merchandise through selling and billing.

Launching an eCommerce Business

Geiger’s also attributes their success to their evolution to include eCcommerce as part of their business model. When they decided to expand their business to go online, Celerant was the obvious choice, as it is at the forefront of eCommerce. The value of having their inventory all connected between their stores and online is immense. With Celerant, they were easily able to manage all these things in one holistic platform.

Managing Sales Tax with Avalara

With this eCommerce evolution came the challenge of figuring out how to remit sales tax. In Ohio, where Geiger’s is based, sales tax rates vary by county and municipality. This can make it very complicated to calculate sales tax for customers who want to buy things over the internet.  However, Celerant’s partnership with Avalara made this process easy and seamless. The Geigers don’t have to worry about whether the software is working; all they have to worry about is what products they have for their customers and the service they provide those customers.

Growing Your Business with Celerant

Like Geiger’s, you can transform your business from a small mom-and-pop shop to a booming combination of brick and mortar and eCommerce business locations. Partner with Celerant today to make this process easy so you can focus on your customers and manage online and in-store inventory and sales tax with ease. Get Started


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