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From its origins as a small consignment shop in the ’90s, Greene Street evolved into the multi-location franchise with over 120 employees spanning across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. As consumers become more aware of the economic and environmental impacts of the ‘disposable fast fashion industry’, Greene Street shifted focus from an assortment of general goods to an environmentally-conscious clothing reseller. Today, with the help of Celerant’s retail software and Star Micronics retail hardware, Greene Street has risen to a sustainable shopping alternative, offering mid- to high-end labels at a fraction of retail prices at all of its 10 brick-and-mortar locations.

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The Solution

Stratus Enterprise by Celerant with Star Micronics

After researching various systems, Greene Street chose Stratus Enterprise by Celerant Technology, and retail hardware by Star Micronics. They customized Celerant's built-in buy/trade functionality based on the needs of their business. Greene Street originally installed Stratus Enterprise with the TSP143III thermal printer and PromoPRNT in 7 store locations with 11 registers. After implementing Celerant and Star Micronics, Greene Street opened 3 new locations, and can now...

  • Streamline buy/trades and consignment sales
  • View sales data and profitability in all store locations
  • Improve customer relationships with loyalty programs
  • Transfer merchandise without rekeying items in the system
  • Make custom printed promotions and receipts
  • Conveniently advertise employment opportunities

The Challenge

After many years, Greene Street’s original point of sale system no longer addressed the needs of their business. They required a POS solution with built-in buy/trade functionality. They wanted a system that could manage multiple store locations, track sales, transfer merchandise between stores, and help them advertise employment opportunities.

Stratus enterprise for fashion retail

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After many years, our original point of sale system no longer addressed the needs of their business. After implementing Stratus Enterprise and Star Micronics, we were able to open 3 new store locations.

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