The Children’s Shop (Atlanta, GA) used Profit$ for over 20 years. They decided to switch retail solutions to help them advance and modernize. This was a big change since they used the same software for so many years. They chose Cumulus Retail from Celerant because it offered everything they needed in a single solution, including payment processing from OpenEdge. With the help of Celerant’s Support Team and quick turnaround time from OpenEdge, the transition was seamless.

“We were with another retail provider [Profit$] for many years, and it was time to change; we were becoming a little stagnant. Transitioning to Cumulus Retail was exceptionally easy… We were nervous, but Support made it so easy for us. We are so pleased with the product; it really allows us to spend time where we want to be- and that’s on the sales floor.”

Vicki Davis, Co-owner, The Children’s Shop

Results from Upgrading

  • Employees can now ring up sales a lot quicker
  • Customer receipts are clearer
  • Payment processing is more secure
  • The owner can run reports, check inventory and see how the store is doing- from anywhere.
  • Spend more time with the customer on the sales floor, and let the technology do its job

Why we upgraded: Profits to Cumulus Retail

Web-based: Manage your business from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection.

Real-time: Updates to products, pricing and promotions are entered once and reflected in your store(s) in real-time without polling; and your website is fully-integrated as well.

Mobile-friendly: Ring sales and help customers anywhere on the sales floor, or at trunk shows, sidewalk sales or trade shows using a tablet.

Always-on: Ensure you can ring up sales, and access all point of sale functionality, if internet connectivity goes down.

Gift Cards: As part of the upgrade, Celerant can convert your existing gift cards to Cumulus, and you will no longer be charged a fee to load or redeem them.

Loyalty Rewards: Determine the amount of “Points” earned per item/brand/department, and schedule “bonus point days” to boost sales during the slower times.

Processors: Choose from a larger selection of credit card processors, including OpenEdge.

eCommerce: Quickly display products online with our fully-integrated and modern Cumulus eCommerce solution, or interface with your existing Shopify or WooCommerce site.

Online Marketplaces: Sell on Amazon, eBay and/or Walmart (coming soon). With Amazon, you can choose ‘Fulfillment by Merchant’ and/or ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’.

Hardware: Leverage most of your existing hardware with Cumulus (some hardware used with older versions of RetailSTAR may need to be replaced).

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