Learn how high-end women’s apparel retailer manages in store and eCommerce in real-time.

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“We are able to get products online in no time. Real-time order processing and fulfillment is a big part why our customers are happy. Tootsie’s has benefited from having Celerant as a partner. They are an integral part of our day-to-day operations, and essential for our organization to function properly.”

Tejas Sanghavi, IT Manager, Tooties

Tooties has been in business for 30 years selling high-end women’s apparel. Since 2005, they have used Celerant’s point of sale, and later added Celerant’s integrated eCommerce, to manage and grow 3 store locations and online sales. As a high-end merchant, having real-time capabilities is vital to their success. Some of the items they carry have low on-hand quantities, so it’s important their staff is aware, in real-time, if that item is no longer available in any of their stores or website. With Celerant, they can easily see how their entire business is doing as a whole, and monitor everything from shipping, receiving, transfers, returns and fulfillment in real-time. Celerant has been an integral part of Tooties’ day-to-day operations; they attend Celerant’s Annual Client Conference every year to learn how to grow even further.

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