Top E-Commerce Trends & How Retailers Can Leverage Online Data


“Our motto has always been to build premier E-Commerce websites while having the integration as our backbone. We make sure we see where the industry is heading and our system follows.”
– Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services, Celerant Technology

What are the benefits of a single database?

A single database for all your channels allows you to leverage information you receive from your stores, E-Commerce website, Amazon, eBay, etc. making your inventory, fulfillment and marketing processes more efficient and effective. For example, instead of dedicating inventory for specific channels, you can allocate from any location and fulfill your orders much faster. And by capturing sales data across channels, you can better target your email communications making your digital marketing promotions more successful.

How can you leverage integrated digital marketing?

Having a single database allows a retailer to create dynamic segments by using multiple customer and transaction data points collected from their brick and mortar stores and E-Commerce website. These segments allow a retailer to send very targeted personalized email messages to their customers. Personalized emails yield much higher open and conversion rates because they are more relevant to the customer’s needs. An email promotion to a certain segment of consumers who purchased a specific brand or product in the past or an abandoned cart recovery email are some examples of personalized messaging.

How can you leverage Amazon integration?

Amazon continues to expand it’s market share so having an integration that allows two-way communication makes inventory and fulfillment easier to manage. A retailer can allocate existing inventory for Amazon and when an order is placed on Amazon it comes in as if it’s from their own website. You won’t have to change your fulfillment process in any way, allowing you to seamlessly manage and increase your Amazon sales.

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