Trendy Retailer Improves Customer Service w/ Modern Point of Sale (POS) System

Trinkets Boutique has come a long way as a business since it started in 2011. Trinkets went from starting as a mall kiosk selling jewelry and purses in 2011 to now having 4 locations selling trendy clothing and accessories for women. RetailSTAR served their needs in the beginning, but with more growth, they required an upgraded, modern POS solution that could manage all their stores’ inventory.

Cumulus Retail - Improved Inventory Management

This is where Cumulus came to save the day. When Trinkets upgraded to cumulus, they were able to more easily access real-time inventory and sales. With today’s competitive atmosphere, it’s important to do all you can to get that competitive advantage, and Cumulus has helped them to do just that. The Cumulus platform has helped Trinkets to see the inventory that is currently in the store versus having to wait a few hours or days to access it. Cumulus is the modern POS that helps Trinkets to pull up items for their customers and get these items to them as soon as possible. With Cumulus, Trinkets can create a PO, create an SKU, keep track of what the inventory at the stores will be, and print tags all in one area.

"We chose Cumulus because we wanted a platform that was going to keep up with us, and we could see the inventory that’s in the stores now versus having to catch up in a couple of hours or days. With Cumulus, I can just look at everyone’s inventory, it’s real-time and I’m able to get it then.”

Katie Floyd & Maisie Wann- Trinkets

With all these benefits of a modern POS like Cumulus, a huge load is taken off of the owners of Trinkets so they can focus more on their customer service. They are able to continue to give customers the attention they need in their day-to-day interactions in the store.

Experience all these benefits for your own business by upgrading your system to Cumulus. Partner with us so your operations can run smoothly for years to come.


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