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Celerant Technology & Star Micronics

At Celerant we partner with Star Micronics for many years of supporting traditional POS hardware and now we're continuing our partnership with Star Micronics supporting their full line of mobile point-of-sale hardware.

Star Micronics with modern mPOS

Star Micronics is a 60 year old Japanese company, we're known as the receipt printer company but we're actually more than that we're now becoming a total solutions company. We're delivering things like portable printers, cash drawers, scanners, customer-facing displays, and really embracing the whole solution. Specifically around mobile or modern mPOS, to address that we have a whole range now of portable printers which are battery-powered, high reliability, very rugged devices. And the whole idea is that you as the retailer themselves can actually service that client in aisle so it really is that sort of omnichannel experience in store.

Printing Promotional and Loyalty Messages with Receipt

We're very proud of our printer printing product, and it really is simple it's just this [holds up receipts]. We just take the humble receipt and we print messages, little love notes from the retailer to the shopper.  And it's really ideal, for an absentee or multi store retailer because it allows you to communicate to the shop you have with a high lifetime value over a period of time without having to train the clerk's or spend money on other forms of printing advertising. It's very visually appealing, it's fast there's no penalty for doing this, and when the receipt prints that triggers the promotion to print straight after it. And we have a couple things we can schedule at location, time, and day. So if you've already invested in Celerant, you already invested in Star hardware you can have this service for free, and we help you set it up, we help you get it running, and it's 100% managed in the cloud, and you don't even have to go visit the store to make it work, so we think this is really fantastic.

Celerant, more than a tech partner

What I really like about the Celerant team is the fact that when they take on a hardware partner they don't do it lightly, and they take it very seriously. They take the product on to the degree that probably they know more about it than my own people do. So I think that's really commendable that a software partner, typically is focusing on their software product really has embraced a hardware partner and taken it on as their own. It's quite rare and it should be something that a retailer should understand because that's what they want they were one phone call, they want one person they can call, and that is Celerant. So they can call and they'll take care of everything if they're not passing the buck.


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