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About the Webinar

Chris Chiafullo is an Attorney and AFT compliance expert at FFLGuard. During the webinar, Chris addressed a new mandate, Public Act 100-1178 (SB 337), requiring several changes to the way Illinois FFLs run their business (i.e., new sale process; employee training; security; retail store restrictions; electronic A&D records). Chris also discussed how to comply via the use of AFT-compliant technology, and the benefits of leveraging such technology for FFLs in any state.

  • New mandate for Illinois Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers
  • New retail store requirements
  • State-wide AFT compliance for FFLs
  • FFLGuard’s legal and ATF compliance services
  • FastBound’s electronic A&D and eForm 4473
  • Celerant’s ATF-compliant POS and eCommerce software
Chris FFLGuard
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FastBound: Compliant Electronic Bound Books & e4473

FastBound offers simple and compliant electronic bound books and 4473 with integration into Celerant’s POS software, making ATF inspections a breeze. With FastBound, you can access your A&D book and form 4473 on any browser; process multi-state background checks (Federal NICS); provide auditors with digital or paper copies; automate your backups; get legal defense services and compliance management via FFLGuard™; auto-update your POS after a transaction is complete; and more.

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Celerant: Retail software for gun shops & ranges

Celerant is a premier provider of gun shop POS, eCommerce and shooting range software in the United States, serving the firearms industry for close to two decades. With Celerant, you can easily import products from vendor catalogs (i.e., Sports South, Zanders, RSR); upload products to third-party marketplaces (i.e, GunBroker,, Amazon), manage your store, website and range as one; comply with integrated electronic A&D book and e4473 by FastBound and digital waivers; and more.

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