Why SHOT Show is the Best Trade Show for the Hunting & Outdoor Industry?

Firearm dealers and distributors at SHOT Show are embracing technology more than ever before. Read Celerant's recap of SHOT Show 2023...

The SHOT Show is unlike any other trade show in the industry! But why is this the GO-TO event for firearm dealers? The SHOT Show is not only limited to the shooting, hunting and outdoor markets, it’s the ONE opportunity for firearms dealers to see and learn everything related to the industry. The show brings together the latest sportsman products and technology, with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and dealers from across the country– all under ‘one roof’ for an entire week.

This year’s SHOT Show was BACK!

Attracting over 55,000 dealers, this year felt like the pre-pandemic shows of 2019/2020. The NSSF® even expanded the show to Caesars Forum to accommodate more exhibitors and attendees. Everyone was there to do business… booths were packed, dealers and distributors networked, and partner meetings lasted from 7am breakfast until late evenings at the casino bars. A week later, we’re still recovering and catching up- with many new opportunities to follow up with- it’s the type of busy we hoped for.

Dealers Embracing Newer Technology at SHOT 2023

The ‘BUZZ’ for this year’s SHOT Show was technology. Between heavier competition, new consumer buying patterns, and increased ATF restrictions and revocations… firearm dealers are finally in a place where they understand the need to embrace technology to not only safeguard their business- but to be more competitive. That’s the ‘bottom line.’

Compliance restrictions are making it vital to automate Form 4473 and bound books, and store everything electronically.

Distributors are encouraging their dealers to leverage point of sale and eCommerce that integrate with their ordering process and inventory feeds to get products out faster.

Dealers are eager to sell on new sales channels, such as eCommerce, 3rd-party online marketplaces and mobile apps.

Dealers are also looking at mobile apps to improve their shooting range, and connect with members that desire a more personalized experience.

Consumers have higher expectations and are on-the-go more often, and dealers need to get creative and figure out new ways to market to them.

Dealers (and vendors) across the country are experiencing ALL of this, and trying to determine how to best manage it all. This year at SHOT, so many of those dealers stopped at our booths asking the same question… “How can I leverage new technology to embrace these changes?”

Celerant Booth SHOT Show 2023

Your Passion is Guns... Our Passion is Technology

Firearms dealers know all about guns and are passionate about the products they sell. It was refreshing to see so many dealers come to us at the show, asking all sorts of questions. At Celerant, we are passionate about technology, and we continue innovating to help dealers shift to newer technology to run their stores, online businesses, ranges, and even digital marketing more efficiently. This year, more dealers came to us with that one BIG question... “how can do ALL this without getting overwhelmed?”

The SHOT Show was the perfect setting to have these conversations and demonstrate how we help so many dealers get started (and be more successful) with our technology. Not only did dealers get to see the capabilities of our point of sale and eCommerce solutions (both very important aspects), they learned how we can help them revamp their entire business with so much more. They got a first-hand look at how we can help them incorporate a full digital strategy, increase revenue by adding new sales channels, and more effectively market their business to attract more customers.

Dealers need to lean on their software platform, and more importantly, on their software provider to help them facilitate and understand HOW (and WHEN) to do all this.

Dealers left our SHOT Show booth with optimism and a go-forward plan, knowing they can lean on ONE partner to handle ALL their technology needs. Now that the show is over, we’ll all take a breath, regroup and continue helping our dealers transition their businesses to that next level– one step at a time.

Digital Roadmap

Bring your firearms business to the next level!

SHOT SHOW 2023 PROMO: Get started with point of sale & eCommerce. CLICK HERE »

Digital Roadmap

Bring your firearms business to the next level!

SHOT SHOW PROMO: Get started with point of sale & eCommerce. CLICK HERE »


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