Stratus Retail Receives 5 Stars in 2018 POS Review

CPA Practice Advisor Reviews Ten Leading POS Systems

Staten Island, NY (September 12, 2018) – Celerant Technology, a leading provider of retail management systems, received a 5-Star review by the CPA Practice Advisor in their 2018 Point of Sale Reviews . In their review, the CPA Practice Advisor describes Celerant Technology’s broswer-based POS software, Stratus Retail, as a “comprehensive suite of retail applications best suited for larger retail businesses with multiple locations that sell in-store and online”, “capable of processing high-volume transactions”.Stratus Retail - 5-Star Point of Sale - CPA Practice Advisor - 2018

In addition to a robust point of sale solution, Celerant offers “integrated E-Commerce, CRM, inventory management, fulfillment processing, vendor management, business intelligence, accounting/ERP, POS security, warehouse management, marketplace integrations, work orders and repairs, and range management modules,” stated in the review. “Designed for flexibility,” the POS system can be installed on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac operating systems, and can be accessed on mobile devices including Android and iOS smart phones/tablets. Retailers can choose to host in-house, or use Celerant’s hosting service as a SaaS solution.

“It is an honor to receive a 5-Star review from the CPA Practice Advisor. This review is a true testament of our innovative technology, experience and the best practices we provide to our retail clients,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “This achievement is the result of our employees’ hard work and dedication; congratulations to all and thank you.”
– Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology

Stratus Retail is “fully customizable for a variety of niche retail markets including bookstores, sporting goods, apparel, gift shops, and furniture stores.” The POS “easily handles both multiple registers as well as managing inventory in multiple locations”, making it “easy to process multiple transactions quickly. Retailers can process transactions and special orders, handle layaways, lookup inventory, and change product pricing – all from a single interface.”

Celerant also offers excellent customer management with a built-in CRM, making it easy to track sales data from all store locations and online from a single database. Retailers can leverage this data to offer targeted coupons, loyalty rewards, memberships and personalized email campaigns.

About Celerant Technology

Celerant Technology is a retail technology provider offering unparalleled and seamless multi-channel integration to retailers across all industries. Since 1999, Celerant has consistently accelerated business growth and efficiency through unique innovations such as POS, inventory management, advanced analytics, integrated E-Commerce, mobile applications and back office – to name a few. With an open and collaborative environment, the company focuses on each retailer’s specific integration needs to form genuine, enduring partnerships. As a mid-market retail system leader, Celerant provides solutions and expert advice to continually accelerate retail growth. A multifaceted award-winning company, Celerant prides itself in the quality of its products, the capacity of its service, and remains the true multi-channel software provider. For more information, visit

About CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor’s mission is to serve, inform, educate and lead tax and accounting professionals in the areas of technology, workflow systems and best practices so their firms can become more efficient, productive and profitable. Every year, CPA Practice Advisor compares and reviews POS technologies, following a 1-5 Star format, with 5 stars representing the top ranking. The review consists of 10 retail systems including: Stratus Retail, Cumulus Retail, RetailSTAR by CAM Commerce, and others. For more information, please visit


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