Sporting Goods Store POS System

All-in-one sporting goods store POS system and eCommerce software enabling you to gain tighter control of inventory and order fulfillment, while enhancing your customer experience, both in store and online.

About Celerant’s Retail Software for Sporting Goods Stores

At Celerant, we enable sporting goods retailers to easily manage custom and bulk orders, inventory, sporting goods order fulfillment, customer loyalty programs, gift cards and buying clubs. An active member of the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), we understand the unique industry and inventory needs of sporting goods retailers, and therefore offer more than just a sporting goods retail software. Rather, our complete commerce solutions for sporting goods retailers let you manage, sell and move sporting equipment, apparel and footwear to team’s or individuals, in store and online with ease.

Celerant sporting goods POS also integrates with leading distributors, such as Liberty Mountain, Big Rock Sports, Sportsman’s Supply, Rothco, NILS Sports Apparel, Giant Bikes and many others.

Since 1932, we have served Clevelanders with sporting goods gear, apparel and footwear. To help run our business better, we switched to Celerant's retail software with integration to AvaTax by Avalara. With a fully-integrated system, we can now manage our 2 store locations, inventory, eCommerce site, team outfitting and billing for organizations and individuals, and automate sales tax.

- Chas Geiger, Owner, Geiger's

Complete Commerce For Sporting Good Retailers

  • Get all sporting goods store POS system features and functionalities
  • Import bulk and custom sporting equipment, apparel and footwear
  • Incentivize teams and institutions with rewards and loyalty clubs
  • Increase sporting goods sales with gift cards in store and online
  • Create special orders for custom items and out-of-stocks
  • Manage sizes, colors and styles with 3-dimensional product matrices
  • Manage accounts receivable and integrate with QuickBooks™
  • Launch an integrated eCommerce site for your sporting goods store
  • Promote your website through social media and digital marketing
  • Expand online sales by integrating with Amazon, eBay and more
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Mobile POS

Quickly help customers anywhere with mobile point-of-sale

With our mobile POS devices for sporting goods stores, you can quickly assist customers with price look-ups, inventory levels, sales transactions, returns, gift cards, layaways and more, from anywhere in your store. Sales associates are often assisting customers on the sporting goods’ store floor with sizing, equipment and information, making it extremely important to equip them with the functionality to process transactions on the go and on the spot.

Loyalty Programs

Incentivize teams, sporting clubs and individuals with loyalty programs

Incentivize customers with reward clubs to gain and maintain customer loyalty, and most importantly, increase sales. Loyalty rewards can be earned for in store and online purchases, are viewable at the sporting goods POS and shown on the bottom of receipts. Using data in the CRM, coupons can be targeted to consumers based on prior purchases, top customers and to customers with a gift card balance.

Gift Cards

Increase sales by offering gift cards, in store and online

Gift cards, also known as stored-value cards, are a strategic way to expand your customer base and increase sales. Integrated into the sporting goods POS system, our unique gift card offering is easy to set up and maintain. Sell and redeem gift cards both in store and online and use them to provide customers with a refund when necessary.

Celerant does an excellent job for us. They’ve kept us competitive in a very dynamic and changing world...When you get to the end of the day it’s the flexibility that they have it just delivers everything you would expect and beyond.

- Jeff Poet, Jay's Sporting Goods

Inventory Management

Import and reorder sporting equipment and apparel easily

Based on your sporting equipment, apparel and footwear vendors, you can browse catalogs, select products you want to sell and import the descriptions and images into our sporting goods retail software solutions. This sports equipment inventory management system lets you print tags, change prices, customize categories, make adjustments, transfer merchandise and replenish inventory according to seasonal demand.

Special Orders

Sell special orders for custom sporting goods

Sell special orders for custom sporting good items like team jerseys and equipment. Our retail system allows you to offer and sell add-ons such as embroidery or engraving, and items not-in-stock. Manage all payments, including an initial down payment and orders on layaway, plus provide custom order notes on your receipts.


Launch and promote an integrated eCommerce site

Launch and promote an eCommerce website that operates seamlessly with your sporting goods store or enterprise. Create pages easily using drag-and-drop features, post items and have orders flow right into your sporting goods point-of-sale system. Whether you choose a custom Stratus eCommerce website, or a ready-made Cumulus eCommerce website, we can create a site that will move your business past your physical storefront and help you bring your in-store shopping experience to the web.

Omega Sports eCommerce

“After just nine months of working with Celerant’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team, Piragis has seen tremendous results. Daily traffic has more than doubled. What’s even more impressive is the quality of traffic. Conversion rates on the site have more than quadrupled in under a year.”

-Tim Stouffer, Marketing Director, Piragis Northwoods Company

Digital Marketing

Promote your sporting goods business through digital marketing

Through Celerant’s social media integrations, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can promote your business and sell products through social newsfeeds. Our in-house marketing team can also help ensure that your site gets seen by potential buyers and shoppers through search engine optimization (SEO) services and a personalized email marketing platform which integrates with your sales and customer data, in real-time.

Sporting Goods email marketing

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