Pharmacy POS Systems

Compliant and all-in-one pharmacy software enabling retailers to manage prescription and over-the-counter sales, dispensing and wholesale integrations, reporting and auditing, delivery signatures, and eCommerce sales with ease.

Pharmacy POS System

RetailSTARx, a product of CAM Commerce which is a subsidiary of Celerant, provides a complete solution for pharmacy retailers, with pharmacy point of sale software, pharmacy store inventory management, electronic payment processing, signature capture, Rx bar code scanning, HIPPA Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP) and pseudoephedrine tracking, and more. RetailSTARx integrates with the leading dispensing systems, such as McKesson and Rx30, for easy fulfillment of prescription orders, while also bridging the gap between pharmacy and retail operations, for single store or enterprise businesses.

“All the sales associate needs to do is scan the bar code on one of the prescription labels, and any other prescriptions that are ready for pick up will appear on the POS screen. When the initial Rx bar code is scanned, the patient’s name automatically appears on the screen.”

Doug Schultz, President of Tobin’s Pharmacy

Complete commerce & POS system for pharmacy retailers

  • Easily manage prescriptions, copays and over-the-counter products
  • Get a pharmacy point of sale software with integrated eCommerce
  • Interface with multiple dispensing systems and wholesalers
  • Offer in store pickup or delivery options for medication
  • Comply with state healthcare regulations and guidelines
  • Access robust reporting with AR statements, open item and balance forward
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POS for OTC & Prescriptions

Process point of sale transactions with ease

RetailSTARx is designed for ease of use and allows clerks to use hot keys or touch screen displays. This pharmacy POS system supports the latest in barcode scanning, EMV/chip card processing and payment security. RetailSTARx provides several discounting strategies, clerk and multi-clerk commission splitting, layaways, voids, returns, exchanges, gift certificates, credit memos, hold tickets, multiple payment types, receipt notes, in-house charge accounts, flexible tender types, currency exchange and more.

Prescription Management

Manage all aspects of Rx prescriptions with precision

For prescriptions, RetailSTARx supports barcode scanning and copay for pickup at the point of sale with signature capture. Manage your Rx pick-up auditing, child-proof caps, authorized users and more with precision and ease with this pharmacy POS system. Track your prescription deliveries with our Offline Delivery Application, where signatures can be captured for both NOPP and Rx receipt, plus get various options for tender.

Vendor Integrations

Interface with multiple dispensing systems

Make life easier for your staff and your customers by using a complete pharmacy point of sale software and pharmacy store inventory management solution that interfaces directly with multiple dispensing systems including McKesson PharmacyR/McKesson EnterpriseRx, Rx30, CarePoint, Computer Rx, Visual Superscript, QS/1, ScriptAssist, Suite Rx and more.

"CAM's multi-channel solution has been automating pharmacies for over 30 years, maximizing on the technology needed to control inventory and streamline retail pharmacy processes. The solution interfaces with all leading dispensing systems, and offers pseudophedrine/NPLEx integration, customer loyalty programs and OTC product analytics."


Inventory Management

Integrate with your wholesalers’ systems  

Communicate with your wholesalers to get the products you need at a price that works for your store. RetailSTARx integrates with major wholesalers like McKesson, Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen and HD Smith to populate your pharmacy point of sale software and pharmacy store inventory management system quickly and easily.


Comply with state healthcare regulations

Use a pharmacy point -of-sale software and pharmacy store inventory management solution that features Electronic Data Capture for quicker audits. RetailSTARx automatically updates to remain compliant with state healthcare regulations and guidelines such as HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP) and IIAS for FSA, while integrating with Appriss®, NPLEx™ and MethCheck.

eCommerce to Go With Your Pharmacy POS System

Launch and promote an eCommerce site for shoppers

Launch and promote a fully compliant and convenient eCommerce site for your shoppers and pharmacy customers which can be viewed on any mobile device. Our eCommerce sites operate seamlessly with in store sales, and products can be easily added to pages. Promote your over-the-counter products and your gift and specialty merchandise to your customers through your website and send targeted email campaigns to help drive traffic to your pharmacy.

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