Gun Store POS Software

The most compliant, scalable & innovative retail software for gun shops and ranges. With two solutions- Cumulus Retail and Stratus Enterprise- Celerant enables dealers to manage gun sales, A&D books with e4473, range reservations, online sales and digital marketing with ease. Try a free demo of our gun store point of sale system and retail management software today!

About Celerant’s Retail Software for Sportsman Dealers

Celerant is a premier provider of gun shop software, including gun range booking software, gun store POS systems and firearms dealer software in the United States, serving the firearms industry for close to two decades. Sportsman retailers can leverage our solution’s integrated electronic A&D book, e4473 and digital waivers, easily import products from vendor catalogs such as Sports South, Zanders and RSR, and upload products to 3rd-party marketplaces (i.e, GunBroker,, Weapon Depot, Amazon). As a preferred software provider of the NSSF and the NRA, we support the hunting, archery, outdoor industry and will continue to do so long-term with our gun store eCommerce and other retail management solutions.

Gun Shop POS System

"We've been a preferred software provider of the NSSF & the NRA for about 17 years. Where Celerant excels, is we come in and we are one software provider, with one system and one database- giving dealers the ability to better manage their store, their range, their online marketplaces- and really just run their business more efficiently."

- Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing, Celerant Technology

Complete Commerce Features For Firearms Dealers

  • Streamline ATF compliance with an integrated application
  • Import products and reorder inventory with automated POs
  • Sell products in your store or at gun shows with mobile POS
  • Manage your range, classes and course scheduling
  • Service your customers at the POS for rentals, repairs and buy / trade
  • Offer club memberships with ID cards & recurring billing in your gun store POS system
  • Display your distributors’ live inventory on your gun shop's eCommerce website with drop shipping
  • Promote your website through social media integrations and digital marketing
  • Expand online sales by integrating with GunBroker,,, Amazon, etc.
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Gun Shop & Range

Manage Your Entire Store & Range Easily And Efficiently

Through our gun store POS software, firearm dealers like you can easily manage all aspects of your gun shop and range, including course and class scheduling and range management. Create reservations, check in customers, assign specific ranges or lanes, offer memberships, define any required waivers, scan driver’s licenses, accept all major forms of payment and split sales for groups. You can also enable members to reserve lanes online via your Celerant website.


"Celerant handles firearms transactions very well, but beyond that they keep you on the front edge especially on the technology and how we deal with the ATF and the FBI...We all got in this business at Jay’s because we have a passion for being outdoors. Our customers have that same passion so we love exchanging the passion and having the product. Celerant is a huge tool in the tool box so we can do it efficiently and hit the mark."

Jeff Poet, Jay's Sporting Goods

Electronic A&D Book

Streamline ATF Compliance With An Integrated eBound Book And E4473

Celerant’s complete commerce solutions for firearms dealers include an electronic A&D book fully integrated with the POS. The A&D book automatically records every gun sale, allows you to view the history of any firearm, produces ATF-formatted reports and can be backed up daily. Dealers also have the flexibility to integrate their Celerant point of sale with FastBound’s electronic bound book and e4473, backed by FFLGuard for ATF compliance. Our solutions allow 4473 forms to be completed on any device, while processing NICS background checks in minutes. Beyond that, our solutions prevent transactions when form data in invalid and will scan driver licenses to detect fraudulent IDS.



Offer range memberships with recurring billing

To increase sales and loyalty, firearm dealers can offer memberships to individuals, families, law enforcement or military who frequent your shooting range and classes. You can sell multiple levels of membership with recurring billing, both in store and online; print custom photo ID cards; track member data for promotional and email/postal mail marketing – all from the point of sale.


“We are a gun dealer and were looking for a good platform that can grow with our company. Since we went with Celerant, we about doubled our size without having to increase our infrastructure in order to handle those sales. Celerant grows with us and is adaptable. The touch screen POS is intuitive and easy to train new employees on.”

Kevin Chandler, Vance Outdoors

Distributor Integrations

Integrate Your Firearm Distributors Into Your Commerce Software

Celerant is partnered with many of the leading firearm distributors, making it easy to import products from their catalogs and send automated POs to reorder inventory directly from your gun store POS software. Through live feeds, you can offer a wider variety of products on your website by displaying your vendor’s available stock, while they drop shop the orders directly to your customers. Our partner distributors include Sports South, RSR Group, Zanders, Lipsey’s, Davidson’s, and Bill Hicks.


Catalog Imports

Access your distributors product catalogs from within Celerant’s POS software, select the products you want to sell and import them into your software to build your database without manually entering any data.


Automated Ordering

Reorder your inventory with automated purchase orders based on your pre-set min/max levels within your Celerant software.


Online Inventory Feeds

Offer a wider variety of products on your website and/or via in-store kiosks by displaying your vendor’s available stock, pulling their product names, descriptions, images and more- in real-time.


Drop Shipping

Whether your orders are coming in through your website or via your in-store kiosks, let your distributors drop ship for you; either directly to your customer, to your store, or to a local FFL for firearms.



With Celerant’s In Store Kiosks, you can offer an ‘Endless Aisle’ without stocking more inventory. Access the kiosk on a mobile tablet or traditional workstation and order any product from your distributors’ catalogs. Purchased items can then be shipped directly to your customer or to your store pickup.


Download Brochure - Distributor Integrations
Vendor Catalog Import Automated PO’s Online Inventory Feeds Drop Ship Kiosk
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"We talked to other firearms dealers about our system, and they're just amazed at some of the things we can do, and some of the tie-ins and partnerships. It's nice to know that you know the registers are going to start up in the morning, and people are going to be able to process their transactions. In our business, we can't do what we do without a powerful database driven software platform- and that's what we found with Celerant."

Mitchell Tyler, President, SafeSide Tactical

Create an eCommerce Site to Expand Your Sales

With Celerant, you have the option of two eCommerce solutions that integrate seamlessly with your gun shop POS. Choose from a fully custom design with advanced functionality, or a ready-made gun shop eCommerce site with pre-built website department structure and vendor/distributor integrations. Both solutions let you display and sell your distributor’s inventory online in real-time while enabling your vendors to drop ship directly to your customers. Beyond that and depending on the option you choose, you can include gift card features, course, class and range reservations, FFL locator functions and more.


“Ready-Made” Cumulus eCommerce

  • Consolidate your distributors data in a centralized structure
  • Customize data & layout of your site on-the-fly
  • Only promote your website- no 3rd party ads

Display live inventory on your eCommerce site with drop shipping

Both eCommerce solutions let you display, consolidate and sell your distributor’s inventory online in real-time while enabling your vendors to drop ship directly to your customers. Beyond that and depending on the option you choose, you can include gift card features, course, class and range reservations, FFL locator functions and more.


Integrate with Popular Online Marketplaces & Auction Sites

Expand your online sales by selling your firearms and accessories on popular online marketplaces & auction sites. Easily push your products to the shopping site with just a few clicks from within your Celerant gun shop POS software, and have your orders flow directly into your Celerant software, with no need for manual data entry.

  • Weapon Depot
  • (formerly Slick Guns)
  • (coming soon)
  • Amazon
  • eBay
Online Marketplaces for Firearm Dealers

“We started having issues with the growth of our company and the current software we had at the time so we needed to find something that was more integrated and can handle our business…Complete integration of the software is the biggest key factor that we’ve needed, and we got it with Celerant.”

Tim Heinzen, Owner, Barney’s Police Supply

Our firearm industry partnerships .

Celerant is a preferred retail software provider for firearms dealer software in the United States. Our partnerships include National Rifle Association (NRA), National Shooting & Sports Foundation (NSSF), SHOT Show, National Association of Police Equipment Distributors (NAPED), Sports Inc., GunBroker, Weapon Depot,, FastBound/FFLGuard, Smartwaiver.

  • NASGW partners with Celerant
  • Weapon Depot logo

Our present and future commitment to the firearms industry

Celerant has supported the hunting, archery, outdoor industry for close to 20 years, and will continue to do so long-term, with compliance as our top focus. Our goal is to enable you to operate more efficiently, comply with the growing regulations and expand your business through innovation and technology.


We wanted [a POS system] that would not be static and continue to grow and evolve just as we would…Before everything was manual and now we’re able to scan things in, we’re able to print the tags that we need and the staff finds it easy to operate…It has just allowed us to have a better customer experience when they come in. They’re not waiting, things happen immediately when we pull them up…it has just made it a better experience overall.”

Kirk Anderson, President, Eastern Nebraska

Start Small and Add-On As You Grow

Celerant offers two commerce platforms for firearm dealers. You can start small with Cumulus Retail, which is a more cost-effective solution; add-on features and integrations as you go; and if/when you are ready, take advantage of Celerant’s seamless upgrade to its enterprise platform, Stratus. Choose which solution is right for your business.

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