SafeSide Tactical Uses Mobile Range App to Manage Customers and Data

Collaboration Leads to Retail Innovation

When I found out last year that Celerant was going to start developing apps, I was 100% in on starting that process.

I’m very excited to see our range app out, which gives customers the ability to book range sessions, sign up for classes, check some stats on their range use.

One Mobile Shopping App for Multiple Uses

Our plan in working with the development team at Celerant and the app was that we actually would have multiple apps.

We have a mobile shopping app that’ll be coming out and that will allow you to browse and view products, but then because we’re using the same developer for our website with Celerant, we’re able to actually package what they do in the app and then send them over to the website for checkout which makes it compliant.

So no one is purchasing a firearm or any kind of regulated product in the app itself.

Learning More about their Customers

We’re not only servicing our customers better, but we’re also getting an idea of how customers interact with us and we’re also using this as a way to get out announcements.

We just wanted to make sure that we had something that we could communicate directly with our customers in.

Connected Data across the Retail POS System

We’re using the same database, and so a user who has an account on our website, that same account will work on the app.

It really makes it seamless for the end user.

Learn More About Celerant’s Mobile Shopping Apps

Get to know your customers better while offering them more services by being in their pockets with mobile shopping apps.