Shoe Store POS System

Celerant Technology’s cloud-based shoe store POS system  and cutting-edge eCommerce software allow you to manage your online and brick-and-mortar footwear sales under one roof. Our powerful platform also comes with mobile POS capabilities, third-party integrations, three-dimensional product matrices, and built-in inventory management to help further streamline your operations and boost sales.

For more than 20 years, foot apparel retailers of all sizes have relied on our cloud-based point of sale software for shoes. That’s because we designed our comprehensive eCommerce and POS platform to address the unique needs of vendors in this highly competitive space. Whether you choose our Cumulus or Stratus payment processing solutions, you can quickly import, organize and tag your inventory using any number of customizable variables — including type, texture, color and size.

Discover how our streamlined footwear POS systems can help drive online and in-person sales for your growing business.

An All-in-One Shoe Store POS System

With our footwear POS and shoe store inventory management software, you can:

  • Manage footwear inventory by style, color, gender and size.
  • Categorize your inventory using three-dimensional matrices.
  • Use automated PO’s to quickly import and reorganize inventory.
  • Offer customers promotions, discounts and exclusive offers.
  • Target users based on brand preferences or purchase history.
  • Run detailed reports about best-selling items or busiest times of day.
  • Promote your shoe store through digital marketing and social media.
  • Integrate with Amazon and Farfetch to further expand your reach.


Your Portable Footwear POS Solution

Mobile payment processing allows you to sell anytime and anywhere.

With our mobile shoe store POS systems, you’re no longer tied to the checkout counter. Your team can roam the floor and process sales wherever your customers might be. This portability also extends to off-site events such as trade shows. In addition to payment processing, each POS system comes with built-in inventory management capabilities — allowing floor staff to quickly look up prices, check product availability, manage layaways and review customer loyalty points.

Footwear Inventory Management

Easily manage shoe sizes, colors and styles on the fly.

Most footwear POS platforms offer the ability to apply product variants to inventory. Few of these solutions support multidimensional matrices that allow for tabular formatting and streamlined visualizations. If staying on top of your footwear stock is becoming time-consuming, let our inventory management solutions do more of the heavy lifting.


Third-Party Vendor Integrations

Automate order fulfillment and save valuable time.

Have a favorite vendor or supplier? With our shoe store software, you can quickly browse its footwear catalogs and directly import its inventory into your product listings. Once in the system, these products can then be tagged, priced and organized based on whatever values you set. When supplies dip below your target threshold, Celerant’s footwear POS will automatically order more inventory — without you lifting a finger. Not only does this automation save time, but it also better ensures you never run out of stock. This availability means you can service and convert more customers across the board.



Transform your brick-and-mortar shoe store into an online shop.

Already own a physical shoe store? With our footwear POS solutions, you can transform your brick-and-mortar business into an eCommerce site that drives online sales. This seamless integration comes with automated inventory management — plus drag-and-drop site design capabilities. In addition, your online customers can buy what they want using credit, debit, gift and rewards cards. They can also manage loyalty points and discounts earned from past purchases. Best of all, you can review, track and manage in-person and online sales using our detailed reporting and analytics.


Digital Marketing

Want to sell more shoes? You need digital marketing.

Every Celerant shoe store POS system comes with the ability to integrate with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. This integration allows you to easily promote your products through ads and newsfeeds. In addition, our in-house marketing specialists can help further expand your reach through search engine optimization (SEO) to better assure you rank for highly competitive keywords. We can also help you design email marketing campaigns built around real-time customer and sales data.


Third-Party Marketplaces

Integrate with third-party marketplaces to grow online sales.

Our shoe store POS software allows you to seamlessly integrate with Amazon, Walmart, Farfetch and other online marketplaces. With this integration, you can easily upload inventory and track sales without having to enter or fulfill incoming orders by hand. In addition to saving you time, this integration allows you to reach and convert more users.

Rewards & Promotions 

Offer customers exclusive discounts based on seasonal demand.

Because fashion preferences change throughout the year, you need an inventory management system that can rapidly adapt to seasonal fluctuations. With our footwear POS solutions, you can promote or discount items based on consumer demand, time of year or stock availability. Equally important, these promotions can be targeted to individual customers based on personal preferences and purchase history.

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