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Introducing Celerant’s all-in-one point of sale (POS) solution for footwear stores. With this powerful retail system, you can manage the various types of shoes and sneakers you sell, incentivize customers with promotions and loyalty rewards, automate daily tasks, offer in-store/curbside pickup, and expand your retail channels to reach new customers with integrated eCommerce, mobile shopping apps and email marketing.

About Celerant’s Retail Software for Shoe Stores

Celerant offers a powerful point of sale system for shoe stores, along with integrated eCommerce, mobile shopping apps and marketplace integrations (Amazon, Walmart, eBay). Through the back office software, you can manage ALL aspects of your business in ONE system, including multiple stores, inventory, multi-channel sales, customers, loyalty rewards, and much more. You can also categorize your footwear and apparel by size, color, texture, type and more.

Learn more about Celerant’s all-in-one retail software and features specific to the footwear industry, and how it can help you manage your business better and be more profitable.

Complete Retail Software for Footwear Retailers

  • Powerful mobile point of sale system
  • Integrated eCommerce & mobile shopping apps
  • Inventory managememt & electronic purchase orders
  • 3-dimensional matrix to categorize by size/color/styles
  • Promotions based on customer & seasonal demand
  • Coupons & loyalty reward programs
  • Marketplace integrations (Amazon, Farfetch, eBay)
  • In-store & curbside pickup (BOPIS)
  • Built-in reporting, analytics & dashboards
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Mobile POS for Footwear

Help customers anywhere with mobile point of sale

Through our point of sale, sales associates can assist customers on the sales store floor with sizing, styles and price look-ups, and complete sales transactions from anywhere. The POS screen also allows you to apply discounts and coupons; create back orders and layaways; and prompts you to ask the customers if they would like to use their available loyalty rewards. Payments can be processed using a variety of methods, including cash, credit card, EMV chip cards, gift cards and much more.

Footwear- Cumulus Point of Sale

eCommerce & Mobile Shopping Apps

Reach more customers with an integrated website & mobile apps

In addition to your brick-and-mortar locations, Celerant can help you expand past your storefront with integrated eCommerce, mobile shopping apps, and marketplace integrations. That way you can reach more customers and generate more sales. With your online business integrated with your store’s POS system, you can manage your entire business as one, and ensure data consistency across all channels. You can offer online loyalty rewards, coupons, in-store/curbside pickup (BOPIS), and more.

Omega Sports eCommerce

“We chose Cumulus because we wanted a platform that was going to keep up with us, and we could see the inventory that’s in the stores now versus having to catch up in a couple of hours or days. With Cumulus, I can just look at everyone’s inventory, it’s real-time and I’m able to get it then.”

– Katie Floyd & Maisie Wann, Trinkets Boutique

Inventory Management

Manage footwear sizes, colors & styles easily

Celerant’s back office software provides functionality to manage your footwear inventory in your stores and warehouse. You can automatically create purchase orders based on min/max stocks levels, which can be sent to your vendors electronically, to ensure your store shelves are stocked with the right amount of inventory. Using Celerant’s multi-dimensional matrix, you can manage and place orders for the variations of shoes and sneakers you sell based on color, size and style. The 3-dimensional matrix can also be used for any apparel you sell too.

Loyalty Rewards & Promos

Increase sales with BOGOs, rewards & more

Through Celerant’s retail software, you can create promotions and BOGOs based on seasonal demand, targeted coupons, and temporary/permanent markdowns for your footwear business. You can also offer loyalty reward programs, and offer your members ID card with their photo. Celerant offers the option to create loyalty programs with recurring billing for rewards with higher incentives to generate additional revenue. All customer incentives can be offered in-store, through the point of sale, and online.

Footwear- Cumulus Loyalty Rewards

Digital Marketing

Promote your footwear with email marketing

Celerant offers email marketing automation which allows you to send emails to customers based on their past purchases and brand preferences. You can send mass emails to promote a holiday promotion, and create email campaigns for upsell/cross-sell (sneakers, matching belt, shoe repair services), abandoned cart recovery, post purchases and re-engagement. With Celerant’s moblike app, you can also send push notifications directly to your customers’ mobile phones. Celerant also offers SEO for it’s eCommerce platform and social media marketing.

Footwear- Email Marketing

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