Celerant is the Only Point of Sale to Now Offer Access to NASGW SCOPE CLX Market Reports from within Retail Software

FFL dealers can make better buying decisions by accessing SCOPE CLX benchmark reports from within Celerant’s retail software, a preferred provider of NASGW

­­­ Staten Island, NY (July 21, 2021) – Celerant Technology, the leading provider of retail software for the firearms industry, and a preferred point of sale provider for NASGW, today announced a new direct integration with SCOPE CLX, a data sharing program that provides market analytics for the shooting sports industry. By enhancing its existing integration with SCOPE CLX, Celerant is now the first and only software provider to offer FFL dealers direct access to SCOPE CLX industry benchmark reporting without having to leave their retail software.

Celerant First POS Provider with Direct Integration to SCOPE CLX

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“Our partnership with Celerant is exceptional. As the first point-of-sale provider to integrate the SCOPE CLX directly into their software, Celerant dealers have easy access to our reports and a better handle on product sales performance.”

Easton Kuboushek

Director of Data Programs, NASGW


Celerant partnered with the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) in early 2020 to support the launch of SCOPE CLX, and provide Celerant’s participating dealers with invaluable industry reports. With the latest version of Celerant’s retail software, dealers no longer have to wait for NASGW to email the monthly reports as PDF attachments; the reports are now available within Celerant’s retail software backend in real-time. The direct integration also leverages Single Sign-On (SSO), providing participating dealers with access to the reports without having to login to SCOPE CLX each time.

Dealers using Celerant’s point of sale can participate, and automatically share their retail sales data with SCOPE CLX, anonymously; and receive weekly/monthly market reports in return. SCOPE CLX collects data from hundreds of gun shops, distributors and manufacturers across the country, providing the data SCOPE CLX needs to produce valuable reports and market insights. The reports show what products are selling on a weekly/monthly basis by region; top-performing brands; seasonal demand; market trends; and much more

“Dealers tend to have limited visibility into what is selling, and not selling, at other gun shops. SCOPE CLX reports provide dealers with a clearer picture of what’s going on in the market, allowing them to make better buying decisions and plan more strategically. Since NASGW shares reports so rapidly, it’s important for dealers to be able to easily access the reports, on an ongoing basis, with the most current data. That’s exactly what our new direct integration allows them to do.”

Michele Salerno

Director of Marketing, CELERANT

SCOPE CLX is available for Cumulus Retail™ and Stratus Enterprise™ as a value-added service. Learn more and get started with Celerant's FFL retail software and SCOPE CLX.


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