Celerant Technology Takes Top Spots in RIS Software LeaderBoard 2015

Retail Info Systems News Awards Celerant Technology Number One Positions in Technology Innovation, Apparel Vendor, and Specialty Retail Categories

STATEN ISLAND, NY – DECEMBER 3, 2015 – RIS News Magazine has announced its 15th annual LeaderBoard of best technology vendors in retail, and Celerant Technology took the top spot for leader in Technology Innovation. The company also once again won the number two spot in the coveted top software provider category for the second year in a row. Additionally, Celerant reclaimed the number one position in Apparel Vendor and top Specialty Retail categories, repeating its performance from 2014. The top rankings in the apparel and specialty markets were attributed to Celerant’s “broad suite” approach that offers a full, single solution that works for both apparel and specialty retailers.

Celerant ranked highly in several other categories, securing top five positions in Retail Concentration, Overall Performance, Total Cost of Operations, ROI, Software Reliability, Quality of Services, Recommendation, Mid-Sized Vendor and Broad Suite Vendor. This marks the twelfth consecutive year Celerant has secured top positions in the listing, cementing its commitment to service and quality. The LeaderBoard annual survey published by RIS News ranks the top 20 out of 99 retail technology software vendors. Final rankings are determined by vendor forms and retailer surveys and surveys are supervised by a third-party research firm to assure credibility of results.

“Celerant has garnered a reputation for offering an extensive and customizable feature set, and we are grateful to all our clients who participated in the LeaderBoard survey and bestowed upon us such high honors. Our mission continues to focus on promoting retail growth and efficiency through innovation and technology, so this year’s recognition is especially rewarding to our company,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “Our latest browser-based platform offering advanced features such as automated best store fulfillment, vendor catalog integrations with automated purchase orders, and an extensive report designer tool is designed to improve efficiencies, ultimately impacting our client’s annual revenue so that they experience a faster all-important ROI.”

“Celerant continues to shine in the RIS Software Leaderboard and is proactive in their approach when it comes to exceeding customer satisfaction for their retail clients. Celerant’s continual top ranking in RIS News’ Leaderboard provides validation that Celerant is a company on a mission to remain a top competitor in the retail software space,”
– Joe Skorupa, Group Editor-in-Chief of RIS News.

Celerant’s flagship platform, Command Retail, is the premier solution for managing critical points of retail operations in real-time. Celerant is also an industry leader in developing E-Commerce websites that integrate seamlessly with existing software implementations within one, single database to provide native omnichannel shopping capabilities. With the launch of Stratus Retail in January, Celerant also gives retailers the power to manage their businesses through a lightweight, browser-based system.

For more information on the RIS LeaderBoard, visit RISNews.edgl.com.


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