Vendor Management

Purchasing, receiving and return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) are made easy, and with less clicks, with your Cumulus point of sale software.

Cumulus provides streamlined POS vendor management features that give you more product flexibility, catalog access and functionality with your chosen vendors. Our POS vendor management tools let you integrate with vendor catalogs, automate purchase orders, drop ship, communicate via EDI and optimize vendor partnerships, while also giving you complete flexibility over purchase order set up and management. By managing your vendors and POs to the fullest, you can offer a wider selection of products, fulfill orders faster and streamline your purchasing processes from every angle.

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Manage Vendor POs and Product Fulfillment In a Single Click

  • Import vendor catalogs into your database
  • Set up and utilize convenient at-once receiving
  • Easily create purchase orders and cust
  • Generate automatic purchase orders from customer orders
  • Enable automatic purchasing based on min/max levels
  • Receive and return vendor products easily
  • Drop ship directly from vendors to customers

Import Vendor
Catalogs Into
Your Own Database

Vendor catalog imports

Browse vendor catalogs and select items to sell using Cumulus’ POS vendor management features. You can import items, product descriptions and images into your Cumulus database, without the need for manual data entry, and update it against the catalogs at customized intervals to ensure the newest products make it to your shelves.

Set Up and Utilize Convenient At-Once Receiving

At-once receiving

Save time by receiving merchandise in store without having to first create a purchase order. In just one step, you can receive merchandise from any vendor you wish, without having to create a PO and wait for it to be received.


Easily Create
Purchase Orders
And Custom

POs and categories

Easily create purchase orders for vendors and define or categorize them based on your store, industry, season and vendor-specific needs. You can create PO’s manually by entering the data, or Cumulus will automate the process for you. Cumulus’ POS vendor management will send automated PO’s based on minimum and maximum levels, which are set by you when one of the levels are reached.

Generate Automatic Purchase Orders From Customer Orders

Purchase orders

Generate automatic POs for customer orders. Once a customer places an order, Cumulus will automatically turn that order into a purchase order, which will be sent to your vendor. In a single step through our quick-receiving feature, you can also create your own personalized PO based on seasonal and other needs.


Easily Receive And
Return Products
From Vendors

Receiving logs and returns to vendors

Review all purchase orders with the added benefits of printing, editing the receiver, or undoing a receiving for received purchase order and or at-once receiving. Cumulus’ POS vendor management also lets you easily return products to vendors, add a return-reason and track the return status with RMA numbers so nothing gets lost during the return.

Drop Ship Products
Directly From Your
Vendors To Customers

Drop shipping

Drop ship products from your vendor’s warehouse directly to customers, using the vendors shipping labels and company branding. Cumulus also integrates with third-parties, such as Amazon, which offer the ability to fulfill orders for you.


In store and eCommerce packages for Cumulus Retail are available in scalable versions so as you grow, your POS and eCommerce system growth with you.

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