JAX Outdoor Gear was a traditional brick-and-mortar with 1 store. Over the years, they invested in a few POS systems. To expand the business, they needed to keep up with technology and connect with customers on the web. “If you stay one way, you’re going to miss a lot of customers.” They selected Celerant, which manages their 7 stores, eCommerce site and distributors.

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How Celerant Can Improve Your Sporting Goods Business

  • Point of Sale: Easily handle daily sales, returns & in store pickups
  • Inventory: Look up real-time inventory levels across all stores
  • Purchase Orders: Automatically reorder inventory from vendors when stock is low
  • eCommerce: Display distributor's available stock online in real-time with drop shipping
  • Fulfillment: Automatically route web orders to the best store to fulfill
  • Click-and-Collect: Allow customers to purchase online, & pickup/return in store
  • Marketplaces: Integrate with online marketplaces (i.e., Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Guns.com)
  • Incentives: Offer Loyalty rewards, club memberships, targeted coupons & more
  • Marketing: Send automated, personalized email campaigns to customers
  • One System: Manage your stores, website & marketplace integrations as ONE in real-time
  • Compliance: Log hunting equipment sales electronically for compliance

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Cumulus Reatil MePOS - Sporting Goods

In Store

Manage sporting equipment, apparel & footwear

With Celerant’s mobile POS, you can ring up sales and assist shoppers anywhere (in aisle, sidewalk sales, etc); import products; and replenish inventory with automated purchase orders. Offer targeted promotions, BOGOs, coupons and loyalty rewards. Access Celerant’s Product Catalog via an in store kiosk to search products you don’t currently carry, and order those products via the POS.

Mobile Point Of Sale Software Sporting Goods

Omega Sports eCommerce


Sell more sporting goods online

Celerant’s eCommerce integrates with the POS, allowing you to operate your store and website as one. Fulfill online orders from your stores, and drop ship through your distributors. Increase sales by integrating with Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. Send automated, personalized email campaigns with promotions based on your customer’s brand preferences and past purchases.


Market your sporting goods’ store & website

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and loyalty programs come with Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce software. At no additional charge, you can allow customers to accrue and redeem loyalty points in store and online. Take marketing a step further by integrating email marketing with Celerant’s CRM system. Celerant is the only point of sale provider offering integrated email marketing, enabling you to send automated, personalized emails to customers based on their preferences and past purchases.

Sporting Goods Marketing

“The retail space, and sporting goods, is very competitive. One of the ways we’re working to win is by using technology to give us an advantage. We’ve had a great partnership with Celerant, whose helping us really understand our business and our data and make faster and better decisions than we ever have in the past.”

-Craig Carlock, Owner & CEO, Omega SportsOmega Sports Logo

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