Connect to local shoppers

Sell products on major brands’ websites with in store pickup.
Celerant’s point of sale integrates with, allowing you to sell products on major brands’ websites with local in store pickup. With this click-and-collect model, you can expand your market reach, boost impulse sales, and get more local shoppers in your store.

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Reach more local shoppers & increase sales

  • Automatically send inventory data from Celerant to Locally
  • Leverage 100s of major brands’ (Columbia, Fischer, New Balance, Simms, YETI)
  • Sell products on the brand’s websites with click-and-collect for local, in store pickup
  • Connect with new, local shoppers in store & make additional sales
  • Convert customers into potentially, long-term customers
  • Track all sales in one place within Celerant’s POS software

“At Celerant, we strive to help retailers improve marketing, and ultimately increase sales. Through our new integration with Locally, retailers can essentially sell their products on over 100 major brand's websites, for local pick up. Behind the scenes, we handled all the heavy lifting so our clients don't have to do anything; their available inventory levels for those products are automatically sent to Locally, who then manages everything directly with the brands.”

- Michele Salerno, Director of Marketing, Celerant

“We are a company that connects brands and retailers to help serve the shopper near you. Locally is excited to launch our Premier Connection with Celerant. Our partnership with Celerant will make it easier than ever for Celerant's retailer clients to reach local shoppers and grow their online footprint. Through our integration, Celerant's customers can be live with Locally in just a few clicks."

- Johanna Rotondo-McCord, Retailer Account Manager, Locally

Manage your entire commerce with Celerant, for both in store and online.

  • In Store Operations
  • Mobile Point of Sale
  • Integrated eCommerce
  • Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Automatic Reordering
  • CRM & Customer Incentives
  • Accounting & ERP
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketplace Integrations
  • Reporting & Analysis

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