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Expand your market reach & increase online sales

Weapon Depot™ is an online marketplace and auction site for the firearms industry. Through Celerant’s integration, firearm dealers can upload and sell products on WeaponDepot.com; manage orders from within Celerant’s retail system; and drop ship orders– enabling dealers to expand their market reach and increase online sales.

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Celerant’s integration with Weapon Depot

  • Upload products from your point of sale into WeaponDepot.com with images
  • Categorize products for sale with a fixed price, or for auction
  • Manage all your auctions, orders and fulfillment in a central place
  • Automatically update stock levels in your POS and eCommerce in real-time
  • Have Weapon Depot drop ship orders to an FFL; or to the customer for non-firearm items

“Our partnership with Weapon Depot brings great value to the firearms industry. Integrating our retail software with WeaponDepot.com allows dealers of any size to sell more products online and save time managing orders, while remaining compliant with the ATF and state regulations.”

- Ian Goldman, CEO & President, Celerant Technology

“We are excited to partner with Celerant Technology and help their customers become even more profitable. Through our eCommerce site, we can connect dealers and buyers to safely sell firearms, ammunition, accessories, hunting, fishing, camping gear and more.”

- Robert Sirianni, CEO, Weapon Depot

Innovative & Compliant FFL Retail Software

  • Mobile POS & Kiosks
  • A&D & e4473
  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor Catalog Imports
  • Automated Ordering
  • Range Management
  • Membership Management
  • Club Cards with Photo IDs
  • eCommerce with Drop Shipping
  • FFL Locator
  • Promotions & Loyalty Rewards
  • In-Store Pickup/Returns
  • Online Lane Reservations
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Marketplace Integrations

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