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Celerant Technology promotes business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology. With Celerant, Retail is Re-Defined.




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Celerant Retail is a real-time POS retail management system that manages all areas of a retail organization including point of sale, back office, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center and more; in a single integrated system.
Point of sale

Celerant point of sale is a flexible and powerful tool for omnichannel retailers. With an easy-to-use interface, customers can check out quickly using multiple secure payment methods.


Celerant offers a branded E-Commerce experience so you can provide your products to online shoppers. Fully configurable, you decide how to display your items.


Celerant offers a robust CRM built into its retail platform. The CRM tracks all customer and sales data from all retail channels including in-store and online.

Inventory Management

Celerant’s offers inventory management tools to help retailers operate more efficiently. Keep track of inventory levels without the need to continuously enter data manually.

fulfillment processing

Celerant’s retail solutions offer a comprehensive fulfillment module that manages your orders from purchase through delivery.

Vendor Management

Celerant provides retailers with the tools needed to streamline supply from their vendors.

business intelligence

Celerant provides retailers with advanced reporting tools so you can gain insight into the heath of your retail operations.

Accounting / erp

Celerant’s comprehensive financial management features enable retailers to streamline their entire operations.


Celerant provides the security to ensure your business and customer data is well-protected, from the point of sale to the bank.

warehouse management

Celerant provides retailers with integrated warehouse management tools to streamline receiving, shipping and tracking, allocation and more.

Range Management

Celerant’s range management allows firearm dealers to manage courses and register students. From registration to multiple course enrollments, you can easily create and fill training classes and more.